The Best Sports Activities for Kids in London

by LondonDucklings

Kids love to stay active and move around, testing their limits and challenging themselves with new activities. Here are some of the best options for getting kids involved in sports and leisure activities in London!   

Boy scooting outside activity london sports

Scooting around London is a great way for kids to stay active in the city!

Living in Central London, cycling and scooting are our main methods of getting around town. It’s a great way of exercising, and often much quicker than being stuck in the congested London traffic. To stay safe with the kids, we often take advantage of the Thames path that runs along both sides of the river. Another easy and accessible way to stay active with kids in the city is to take advantage of London’s Best Playgrounds.  Use our Interactive Map to find a playground close to you.

Sports and Leisure Centres in London

Getting safety instructions before climbing sports

Getting safety instructions before starting a climbing session!

Most boroughs in London have excellent local sports and leisure centres. Here you can find lots of organised activities for kids such as swimming, climbing and football. Read more about our suggestions for sports and leisure activities in the posts below!

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