Family-Friendly Farmers’ Markets in London

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Farmers’ markets in London are places where local farmers and producers sell their fresh, seasonal and organic products directly to the public. You can find everything from fruits and vegetables to cheese, bread, honey, meat, eggs and more.

Farmers’ markets are not only a great place to shop for healthy and delicious food, but also a cool place to take kids. Here are some reasons why:

  • You can teach your kids about where their food comes from and how it is grown or made. You can talk to the farmers and ask them questions about their farming practices, animal welfare, environmental impact and more. You can also show your kids the different varieties of produce that they might not see in the supermarket, such as heirloom tomatoes, purple carrots or rainbow chard.
  • You can encourage your kids to try new foods and flavours. Farmers markets offer a wide range of products that are fresh, seasonal and often organic. You can sample different types of cheese, bread, jams, sauces, pies and more. You can also buy ingredients to cook a meal together at home, using recipes from the market or your own imagination.
  • You can support your local community and economy. Farmers markets help small-scale farmers and producers earn a fair income and stay in business. They also reduce food miles and carbon emissions by selling locally grown or made products. By shopping at farmers’ markets, you are supporting local jobs, culture and biodiversity.
blackheat farmers market greenwich

Farmers markets are a wonderful way to enjoy quality food, learn new things and have fun with your kids. There are many farmers markets in London that you can visit, such as Borough Market, Broadway Market, Maltby Street Market and more.

5 Great Farmers’ Markets in London for Families:

1. Marylebone Farmers’ Market

2. Pimlico Road

  • What to buy: Great for fresh fish and seafood, fruit and veg, free-range eggs and pasta.
  • Favourite stall: North Sea Seafood
  • Opening times: Every Saturday 9 AM – 2 pm
  • Address: Orange Square, corner of Pimlico Road and Ebury Street, South West London
  • Fun things for kids nearby: Battersea Park

3. Notting Hill

  • What to buy: Seasonal fresh vegetables, unpasteurised milk and cream, wild mushrooms and fresh pasta.
  • Favourite stall: Nigel’s Lettuces and Lovage
  • Opening times: Every Saturday 9 AM – 1 PM
  • Address: Car park behind Waterstones, Kensington Church Street, Kensington, West London
  • Fun things for kids nearby: Diana Memorial Playground

4. Blackheath

5. Alexandra Palace

  • What to buy: Sourdough rye bread, sausage in a roll, fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • Favourite stall: The Giggly Pig
  • Opening times: Every Sunday 10 AM – 3 PM
  • Address: Alexandra Palace/Campsbourne School, North London
  • Fun things for kids nearby: Ally Pally Ice Skating and playground

Why we love farmers’ markets

Here are some good reasons for families to check out London farmers’ markets:

1. It’s fresh and yummy

Vegetables at Farmers Market
We love buying British apples at the farmers’ market, much more tangy and fresh than the supermarket apples that are usually shipped from far away destinations. And we never say no to a free sample!

Farmers’ markets are the finest places to source your fresh fruit and vegetables, along with your meat, home baking and even arts and crafts.  Vegetables are cut or picked within hours of being sold at the market which ensures great-tasting food that lasts long in the fridge without the use of preservatives and extensive packaging. Fish and seafood come from boats on the south and east coast of England, bringing their catch straight to market.

2. It’s good for the environment

At London Farmers’ Markets, all the farms are within 100 miles of London. The ‘regional farmers’ rule means all the produce is grown in England. This means you can’t buy pineapples at the farmers’ market, but don’t despair: English produce is more than just potatoes and parsnips!

Alexandra Palace Farmer' Market in North London
Farmers’ markets are an excellent way to get to know your local merchants; not only will farmers themselves attend, but many smokers, butchers, bakers and various other trades will also be there so you can sample some of the highest quality foods available.

Farmers’ markets are governed by very strict rules and regulations that ensure that any food you purchase comes from farmers, growers, suppliers and producers all located within a small radius of the farmers’ markets themselves. This ensures that you can be certain you are eating only locally sourced, environmentally friendly foodstuffs that have a minimum carbon footprint; straight from the fields to your plate

3. You know what you buy

If you wish to be more aware of the origins of your foods then farmers’ markets are the perfect place for you to shop. Not happy with the quality of your food? Give feedback face-to-face directly to the farmer next time you visit the market.

sausages prepared on london market
What about a tasty sausage in a roll from Giggly Pig at Alexandra Park Farmers’ Market? They make their sausages from their own farm of rare breed pigs in Essex. Their slogan: “No fat or crap in our sausages!”

If you have any queries or questions about the items you are purchasing you can ask the person who grew or reared the food personally. There are no middlemen or global corporations preventing you from finding out more about the food that you eat and feeding your friends and family.

4. It’s more healthy

You can also be certain that your food is healthy and fresh, and not full of artificial preservatives to keep it fresh on the shelves for longer. Many farmers who attend markets are fully certified as providers of organic produce; however, even if the food you are purchasing is not organic you can rest assured that it is as wholesome and healthy as it can possibly be. And best of all you will be supporting your local economy by purchasing from farmers’ markets! These markets are the healthy, fresh, vibrant and colourful shopfronts for local farmers and providers across the United Kingdom.

Farmer's Markets in London
Fed up with toast-bread? Check out your nearest farmers’ market and get a sourdough bread or a crusty French baguette instead!

All the fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, jams, juice and are locally grown or hand-made by the farmers themselves.  The markets are not solely organic, but the food is fresh and local with some farmers selling organic crops.

What makes these markets particularly well-suited for families, aside from their wholesome appeal, is their close proximity to fun things for our little ones to do.  If you bring a rucksack to carry your bounty from the market, you and the kids can not only enjoy healthy produce, you can go on to enjoy some nearby attractions. Check out some of our suggestions below: