Exploring London’s Brilliant Playgrounds

by LondonDucklings

For inner-city families and visitors to the capital, London’s playgrounds offer a welcome escape for kids to blow off steam and challenge themselves. Here are the playgrounds in London our kids have enjoyed the most, from basic local playgrounds to contemporary play areas with cool design. 

London Playgrounds

Top London Playgrounds

Some of the best playgrounds in town, but a word of warning; you’re not going to be alone!

Local Borough Playgrounds

Playgrounds serving mainly serving the local area:

Planning to visit one of these playgrounds? Check our interactive map to locate a playground close to you!

From fancy adventure gardens to local community playgrounds, check our post on where to find the Best Playgrounds in London. With play elements as well as facilities and parent friendliness in mind, we have tried to pick the best ones across the whole city. Use our interactive map to plan a trip to a new play area that you haven’t tried before!

boy playing in london playground

The Diana playground in Kensington Gardens is one of our shortlisted 10 best playgrounds in London

Magical Playgrounds

Hampton Court’s The Magic Garden and Children’s Garden in Kew Garden are in a class of their own, successfully integrating their main themes with the playground equipment. The Magic Garden is inspiring kids to learn about Tudor history, knights and castles with their towers and mounds while Children’s Garden focuses on integrating the natural elements of water, air, sun and earth.

St James Park Playground

There are lots of big boulders to enjoy in St James’s Park play area

Central London’s Lifesaver Play Areas

A day out in Central London can get really tiring for both adults and kids. Taking a break from the city frenzy letting the kids blow off steam in a play area has saved the day for many families. St James Playground sits in a fantastic location, just next to Buckingham Palace. It’s not that big but is well planned out with solid and well-maintained equipment. Diana Memorial in Kensington Gardens is probably the most popular playground in Central London, where kids can enjoy climbing on top of a huge pirate ship inspired by the stories of Peter Pan. Be warned though, this park can get really crowded during the peak holiday season. Additionally, there are lots of other smaller play areas, such as the South Carriage Area in Hyde Park. In Regent’s Park where you’ll find as many as five designated play spaces for kids.

State of the Art Local Playgrounds

It’s not only in Central London that you’ll find play areas with state of the art equipment. Go to Southwark Park or Peckham Rye, and you’ll find adventurous play areas that are both safe and challenging giving kids of all ages the opportunity to enjoy their time in the park.  Parliament Hill is another great play area that is very much loved in the local neighbourhood offering a wide array of safe play equipment from climbing frames to slides and swings.

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