Pick Your Own Farms (PYO)

By visiting a pick your own farm (PYO), punters can venture out to the country and pick farm produce directly out in the fields. Some farms charge an entrance fee, while others only charge for the actual farm crops that you pick.

pick your own farm - pyoNot only is it educational for kids to understand where food is coming from, but it’s also much better for the environment to buy food produced locally. The PYO setup is popular among farms near big cities growing crops such as apples, berries, pumpkins, lavender and Christmas trees. Around London, you’ll find several farms specializing in the PYO concept, which is great for families looking to spend a day out on a farm.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend checking the farm website to see what’s available. Farming is of course a very seasonal business, and what’s ripe and ready for harvesting can change from week to week depending on the weather as well as the number of visitors. Remember that you’ll often need to book a time slot in advance.

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