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Discover Amazing Things to do in London with Kids

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London with Kids

London with Kids

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Map of Things to do for Kids in London by Area

Activities in Your Local Area

Select your favourite local area and find events and family-friendly places to enjoy on your next adventure in London.

London quizzes for kids

Quizzes and Games

Test your knowledge of London by taking our fun quizzes or explore new indoor activities for kids.


Discover the best playgrounds in London with kids, from famous ones like the Diana Memorial Playground in Hyde Park to fantastic local playgrounds like in Peckham Rye Park and Hampstead Heath.

animals in london

Do your kids love animals? Check our reviews of all the wonderful farms and petting zoos in London full of adorable animals in all shapes and sizes.

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Do you enjoy fresh food and hidden treasures? If you’re in London with kids, the many markets across the city are great places to experience the local vibe and have a great time.

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You have a smorgasbord of parks to choose from in London. From perfectly manicured Japanese gardens to ancient woodland teeming with wildlife, we bring you the best parks to visit in London with kids.


Looking for interactive and inspiring exhibitions to take the family? Check our reviews of the best museums for kids in London.

Things to do indoors

Stuck at home looking for ways to engage the kids in new activities? Check our list of indoor activities from recommended books to online quizzes.

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