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Riding Lessons for Kids: Top 16 Stables in London

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Looking for horse riding lessons for kids in London? The capital has a surprisingly good selection of stables offering both beginner and advanced courses. Kids can take lessons from a professional or opt for a more casual approach by taking a beginner’s hack. In addition to providing beginner-level instruction, many London-based stables also offer private hacks and group sessions for all levels and ages.

Top 16 stables for kids to take horse riding lessons in London (in alphabetical order):

1. Aldersbrook Riding School

East London

Aldersbrook Riding School is a small, private riding school and livery stables located in East London, near Wanstead Park. A homely yard with a solid community-based focus, Aldersbrook Riding School has offered lessons in riding for the community at large and the chance for kids and adults to understand horses and the best ways to look after horses for more than 40 years.

riding lessons for kids

Equestrian activities:

  • Rides for adults and children
  • Private and group lessons are available for all riders’ abilities two years and over.
  • Private lessons take place in either our indoor school or our outdoor school.
  • Walking pace river cruises within the forest area
  • Activities for the holidays
  • Grooming and ride

Aldersbrook Riding School and Livery Stables | Empress Avenue | London E12 5HW

Contact: 020 8530 4648 or [email protected]

2. Deen City Farm


Deen City Farm is an urban city farm with an educational focus in the heart of the London Borough of Merton. Deen teaches the local community about the rural environment and where their food comes from. They have an active volunteering programme and a riding school offering affordable lessons to the local community.

Equestrian activities:

  • For 4-7-year-olds; 30 min walk rides available midweek  
  • For 8+; lessons for all levels and abilities
  • Open Tue-Sun, including some evenings. 
  • All lessons are either private or semi-private. 
  • Groups are available for off lead riders of various levels on a Wednesday evening.
  •  Racewood Dressage Riding Simulator 

Deen City Farm | 39 Windsor Avenue | London SW19 2RR 

3. Docklands Equestrian Centre

East London

It is a BHS associated and ABRS accredited horse riding academy and is a high-quality facility for able and disabled adults and children to learn how to handle and take care of horses. Docklands Equestrian Centre hosts regular events and activities for children during the term and Christmas.

Equestrian activities:

  • Children over 5 years old as well as adults
  • Helping the disabled ride
  • Group and private lessons
  • Pony rides start at age 3 years old
  • Livery
  • Corporate days and birthday parties

Docklands Equestrian Centre | Claps Gate Lane Beckton | London E6 6JF

Contact: 020 74734951 or [email protected]

4. Dulwich Riding School


It was founded in 1961. Dulwich Riding School prides itself on being part of London’s riding school’s history. Their dedication and commitment are evident through their desire to maintain the school’s name and the high standards established by its founder Mr James Thomas Bellman.

horse riding lessons in london for kids

Equestrian activities:

  • Group lessons
  • Private lessons / semi-private lessons
  • Park rides / semi-private park rides
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Bookings for school and group groups

Dulwich Riding School | Dulwich Common | London SE21 7EX 

Contact: 0208 693 2944 or [email protected]

5. Ealing Riding Centre

Everyone is welcome at Ealing Riding School, from beginners to experts, children to adult horse enthusiasts who reside locally and globally. The riding school accommodates youngsters aged 4 to. They have 25 stable horses and experienced instructors who assist riders in building confidence and support nervous riders.

Equestrian activities:

  • Children and adults can ride together
  • Private / semi-private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Stable management
  • Lessons for family and friends
  • After school, stable club
  • Christmas ponies days

Ealing Riding Centre | 9 Gunnersbury Ave | London W5 3XD

Contact: 0208 992 3808 or [email protected]

6. Equicise – Simulator Horse Riding Lessons in London


The Equicis Horse Simulator is ideal for all riders, whether you’re a skilled competitor or a beginner. It’s an ideal method for novice riders to learn new skills while improving their trust in a safe and controlled environment. However, for experienced riders, it is recommended that the EQUICISE Simulator is a great tool to enhance balance, posture and endurance.

Equestrian activities:

  • 30-minute private horse riding lessons
  • One hour of group lessons with up to four persons
  • Training and rehabilitation and fitness
  • Options of targeted lessons that comprise:
  • Stability and balance
  • Rein and hand position support.
  • Leg positioning and leg support.
  • Position and seating.
  • Co-ordination
  • Jumping into position

Wimbledon Village Stables | 24 a/b High Street | London SW19 5DX

Contact: 020 8946 8579 or [email protected]

7. High Beech Riding School

Waltham Abbey, Epping Forest

High Beech Riding School is located within High Beech village in the middle of Epping Forest in Essex. It caters to any horse rider, from novices to more experienced riders looking to improve their skills outdoors. We also provide escorted forest tours (Hacking). Our location in the middle of Epping Forest, Essex, gives more than 6000 acres of forest to explore. High Beech Riding School currently has a stable with more than 30 horses.

horse riding lessons for kids

Equestrian activities:

  • Taster Session
  • Flat Lessons for Beginners to Advanced
  • Lunge Lessons
  • Jumping Lessons (Maximum 2ft)
  • Short Courses
  • Children’s Pony Party’s
  • Children’s Pony Camps And Own A Pony Days
  • Hacking
  • Walkouts
  • Team Building/Group Activities
  • ABRS Training & Testing
  • BHS Training

Waltham Abbey | Pynest Green Lane | EN9 3QL

8. Hyde Park Stables

Hyde Park Stables is one of the few mews that remain standing that has horses within Central London. In the past, Hyde Park has been the most well-known equestrian facility in England for more than 300 years. When Mr. Briggs the stable’s former owner made the decision to retire in 2018and Ellie Hall McAteer was not able to bear the thought of Hyde Park Stables going to developers.

Horse riding lessons in Hyde Park
Riding through Hyde Park – Photo: Hyde Park Stables

Equestrian activities:

  • Semi-Private horse riding lessons
  • Private Lesson/Rides
  • Arena Lessons

Hyde Park Stables | 63 Bathurst Mews | London W2 2SB

9. Kingston Riding Centre

With a pedigree of 70 years, Kingston Riding Centre is an official British Horse Society-approved riding school and livery yard that places safety and fun as the top priority.

Equestrian activities:

  • Children and adult horse riding lessons
  • Group and private lessons
  • Stable management lessons
  • Holiday camp
  • Pony Club
  • Hacking and riding in Richmond Park

Barwell Farm | Barwell Ln | Chessington KT9 2LZ

Contact: 020 8546 6361 or [email protected]

10. Lee Valley Riding Centre


Lee Valley Riding Centre is British Horse Society approved and provides horse riding lessons for beginner to experienced riders. It also offers fantastic facilities for horses, such as five-star livery services and top-quality instruction in London.

Equestrian activities:

  • Have-a-go horse riding lessons
  • Lessons on learning to ride
  • Group lessons
  • Private lessons
  • Helping the disabled ride
  • Refresher sessions

Lee Valley Riding Centre | 7 Lea Bridge Road | London E10 7QL

Contact: 020 8556 2629 or [email protected]

11. London Equestrian Centre

North London

The London Equestrian Centre is highly praised by the British Horse Society and prides itself on providing a welcoming setting for riders and guests.

Equestrian activities:

  • Private / semi-private horse riding lessons
  • Group lessons
  • The riding lessons begin at 4 years old.
  • Tiny Tot Rides for children 3 years old
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Part or full-time livery

The London Equestrian Centre | Lullington Garth | London N12 7BP

Contact: 02083491345 [email protected]

12. Lower Morden Equestrian Centre

They provide lessons for any age and ability. The walkouts and lessons start at the age of 4 and offer pony rides that are short for children! Children and adults are both welcome. Online booking is possible.

Equestrian activities:

  • Group horse riding lessons
  • Private lessons (They can accommodate some difficulties during our lessons)
  • Walkouts

Lower Morden Equestrian Centre | Green Lane (Off Garth Road) | Surrey, SM4 4AS

Contact: 07940231310 or [email protected]

13. Ross Nye Stables

Central London

The establishment was established in 1965. Ross Nye Stables in Hyde Park is the longest-running riding school that offers riding lessons in Central London. In addition, they provide a variety of lessons, hacks, riding clubs, pony clubs, and riding vacations in Longfrey Farm.

Equestrian activities:

Riding for all age groups

  • Private / group horse riding lessons
  • Gift vouchers
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Social events (quiz nights, outings, etc.)
  • Management of stables and horse care

Ross Nye Stables | 8. Bathurst Mews | London W2 2SB

Contact: 0207 262 3791 or [email protected]

14. Stag Lodge Stables

Richmond upon Thames

It is located at the boundary of Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common, Stag Lodge Stables offer an experience that is unique and steeped in history thanks to their origins in the 17th century.

Horse riding lessons at Stag Lodge Stables
Horse riding lessons Photo: Stag Lodge Stables

Equestrian activities:

  • Horse riding lessons for all age groups (from 3 years old)
  • Pony week for children
  • Hacking at Richmond and Wimbledon
  • Pony club courses
  • Private lessons
  • Adults can learn to sing with a teacher.
  • Pub rides
  • Parties
  • Livery services

Stag Lodge Stables | 197 Robin Hood Way | London SW20 0AA

Contact: 020 8949 6999 or [email protected]

15. Trent Park Equestrian Centre


Offering riding activities that range from regular horse riding lessons and cross country riding to the pony day, riding classes and our riding group, the Trent Park Equestrian Centre located in London caters to horses of every age and ability.

Equestrian activities:

  • Children and adults can ride together
  • Private and group lessons
  • Horse hacking
  • Pony days/weeks
  • Adult riding club
  • Cross-country riding
  • Client-specific courses
  • Gift vouchers
  • Livery
  • Parties

Trent Park Equestrian Centre | East Pole Farmhouse, Bramley Road | London N14 4UW

Contact Tel. (020) 863 8630 or [email protected]

16. Wimbledon Village Stables


Wimbledon Village Stables is a multi-award-winning riding academy and livery stables located in South West London. By taking horse riding lessons with this school, you’ll get the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of London and take in the beautiful landscape as well as the wildlife that is Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park.

Equestrian activities:

  • Members Riding Club for adults over the age of 18
  • Hacking is taking place on Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park
  • Two or one-hour classes
  • Dressage classes
  • Horse care / stable management courses
  • Equestrian workshops
  • Events for members, dinners and celebrations
  • Horse boarding and livery
  • Horse Simulator lessons

Wimbledon Village Stables | 24 a/b High Street | London SW19 5DX

Contact 020 8946 8579, or [email protected]

Horse riding lessons in Hyde Park

horse riding lessons for kids
Horse riding lessons in Hyde Park

If you live in Central London, taking lessons at Ross Nye Stables, a horse-riding school near Marble Arch station, can be a great option. Ross Nye has both indoor and outdoor learning areas and can provide lessons for children of all ages. Most lessons take place on the five-mile sand track around Hyde Park, passing places such as Rotten Row and the Household Cavalry. While it may be an expensive option, it will give children a chance to learn to ride safely.

What type of riding lesson should I choose?

If you’re just starting out, it might make sense to book a one-off lesson before signing up for a regular horse riding school. Several schools also offer horse riding simulators which means you’ll get on the back of an artificial horse which means you’ll be able to get assessed in a completely safe environment.

You can choose a one-off lesson or enrol in a regular class at Stag Lodge Stables. This great venue in London offers beginner lessons and hacks in the countryside. The staff at Stag Lodge Stables are friendly and patient, and they also offer week-long horse riding courses and parties.

A private lesson in London is also possible. Some riding schools have a waiting list of up to seven months for new riders, so book in advance to avoid disappointment. In addition, many riding schools offer birthday parties, school bookings, and ponies for hire. 

Horse riding lessons in West London

Horse riding lessons in West London Photo: Wimbledon Village Stables

Equestrian courses and private rides are also available at Wimbledon Village Stables. This multi-award-winning riding school is near the beautiful Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common. Riders of all abilities can try out the EQUICISE horse simulator, perfect for improving riding skills, fitness and confidence. 

Another excellent option for London horse riding lessons is the Trent Park Equestrian Centre, located at East Pole Farmhouse and Bramley Road. The centre has three schools, stable meadows, and a chicken coop. Trent is an excellent venue for beginner to intermediate riders, and it supports special educational needs. It is a long-standing riding school with a rich history. 

How to get started with horse riding lessons?

Many people think that you must have horses or ponies to ride or participate in equestrian activities. However, this is not the case, especially when you’re just beginning to learn. Ride centres across the nation offer you not just instruction in the saddle but also an animal or pony suited to your abilities in height, weight, and height.

Horse riding is a sport that is accessible to everyone, of any age and at all levels. It’s never too early and too late for you to begin learning. The presence of horses or ponies has proven to benefit people in various ways. It’s great for physical fitness, improves your mental health and eases any tension you might be experiencing. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with individuals from various backgrounds with similar interests.

The ability to ride lets you take pleasure in the company of horses and discover the countryside in the UK and beyond. It also allows one to participate in Equestrian sports like dressage, shows jumping, polocrosse, horseball endurance, mounted games, etc. But, of course, you don’t have to be able to ride to participate in horse-related sports. Some centres provide other activities, such as the carriage drive and even equestrian vaulting, a form of gymnastics performed on horses.

young girl with jumping horse

Who can take horse riding lessons?


There’s no age limit to learning to ride. There are plenty of adults in riding centres, which means you’ll never be the only one. A majority of riding centres offer private lessons one-on-one or semi-private at the beginning, but you can move to a group class if you decide to. Ask the riding centre by giving them a phone call to schedule your lesson.


It is possible to begin riding at an early age, and most riding centres offer lessons for children and young children. It is advisable to verify the minimum age requirement when scheduling an appointment. Pony Club Centres provide Pony Club programs for young children who don’t have their own horses and offer activities such as camps and rallies and group-based training and assessments regarding horse care and riding.


Horse riding is among the sports accessible to those with disabilities or those suffering from long-term health issues – more than 25% of participants in equestrian sports declare they are disabled. But, you might require specific classes provided by Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA). More than 500 RDA groups in the UK can be located through the Find riding Centre tool.

Over 50 riding facilities across the UK have been accredited with the Accessibility Mark, which can provide sessions to riders with disabilities. Each centre that has been accredited has gone under the guidance of knowledgeable RDA instructors to be sure that they’re capable of meeting the strict standards demanded of the RDA. After a centre has earned access to the Accessibility Mark status, they’re provided with ongoing support from RDA. RDA to ensure that they provide the best service, regardless of your riding level.

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