London Quizzes: Do You Have The Knowledge?

Thanks for checking out our London Quizzes! Whether you’re an expert or beginner level, this is the right place to test your knowledge and imagination about the capital! You might not get all the answers right on the first try, but that’s just a good opportunity to learn some more amazing and interesting facts about London.

London Emoji Quizzes

Teenagers have since long developed their own secret language using emojis, making it difficult for parents to decipher what their kids are messaging about. Our London emoji quizzes are also full of emojis with double meanings, but it’s not enough to be an emoji expert – you also need to know your London facts! If you’re into London’s Underground network, you should do like thousands of other visitors and take our popular Tube Emoji Quiz. If you are more into general knowledge about London, check out our ultimate 50 locations across the city quiz.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

If you’re not that into emojis, you can test your knowledge with our more traditional multiple-choice London quizzes with four answer options for each question. If you are just starting out learning about the city, our beginner-level Quiz for kids is a really good starting point. And if you’re planning a family quiz night, check out out our History and Underground London quizzes.

Quizzes and Learning

Quizzes are a fun way to engage kids in learning, especially if you can link it to what they are learning in class. London’s landmarks and history is connected to so many important events in world history. Whether you’re visiting or living in London make sure to take advantage of all the great learning opportunities that the city offers. For more educational resources, check our 100+ Activities for Kids Bored at Home.

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