20 Brilliant London Quizzes for ALL Ages

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We’ve created a collection of more than 20 London Quizzes suitable for both children and adults. So whether you’re an expert or a rookie, this is the right place to answer trivia questions about London! and test your knowledge about the capital!

You might not get all the answers right on the first try, but that’s just an excellent opportunity to learn some more unique and interesting facts about London. Plus, you can answer all the questions again and again as many times as you want!

The Queen of England riding in a carriage
How well do you know London? Queen Elizabeth II is featured in several of our trivia questions!

Quiz Questions for Kids

Dive into our questions and answers below:

London’s landmarks and attractions are linked to so many important events in the history of Britain. Saxons, Vikings and Normans are just a few examples of different peoples leaving their mark on the capital.

Our children’s questions are perfect from age 7 (KS2+) and upwards, except for the slightly tricky Harry Potter test, which might be better for KS3+.

UK Kids Quizzes
Thanks for checking out our London quiz questions for kids! You’ve come to the right place to test your knowledge and imagination about the capital!

General Knowledge Questions about London

Test your general knowledge of London with our multiple-choice London questions with usually 3-4 answer options for each question.

Good general knowledge of the history and landmarks of the city is always an advantage when answering these quizzes.

Quiz Questions for Advanced

For local Londoners and other experts, we have reserved this list of online quizzes perfect for more advanced Londonphiles:

Tower of London Quiz

London Emoji Quiz

Our London emoji riddles are also full of emojis with double meanings, but it’s not enough to be an emoji expert – you also need to know your London facts!

If you’re into London’s Underground network, you should do like thousands of other visitors and take our famous Tube Emoji Quiz. However, if you are more into general knowledge about London, check out our ultimate 50 locations across London.

Emoji Quiz London
Teenagers have since long developed their secret language using emojis, making it difficult for parents to decipher what their kids are messaging about.

Personality Quiz – Where in London should you live?

Have you ever in which part of London you truly belong? Many have described London as a collection of villages with local areas centred around a high-street with its distinct flavour. As London expanded through the centuries and gobbled up the surrounding areas, many local neighbourhoods retained their village feel.

We have looked at psychographic statistics from research done among Londoners such as level of extroversion and openness to experience, narrowing down on a set of questions to get a hint towards which local area in the capital would suit you best. Check your ideal place to live in London by taking our London Personality Quiz!

london personality quiz
Take our London personality test to see where you should live in London!

Why take part in trivia quizzes?

Do you need a bit of extra encouragement to continue on your quiz journey? Here are four good reasons why taking quizzes is a good idea:

  1. Test how good you are: Feel like you know everything about London? Take a quiz and find out how good you are! Send the results to your friends and challenge them to beat you.
  2. You remember better: When you take a quiz, you also force your brain to retrieve information, which helps you remember facts and figures better in the long term.
  3.  Quizzes are fun: Get a brain-teasing trivia board game and get the whole family engaged in answering questions! It brings the whole family together and is much more social than watching TV in the evening.
  4. Confidence booster: Especially for children learning a new subject, nothing is like getting all the questions right and confirming that you have mastered a new area.
London Board Games and quizzes
Did you know that there are lots of great London board games?

What types of London quiz questions are most popular?

Questions about landmarks are classic ingredients of a London quiz, but Londoners particularly pride themselves on their knowledge of the Tube. So make sure to sneak in a nerdy question or two about tube lines and stations. London is also famous for all its historical events, but make sure to ask about something else than 1666 (The Great Fire of London). At least when it comes to quizzes for adults.

Are pub quizzes popular in London?

London is full of pubs organising quiz nights, and taking part in a pub quiz is a great way to get to know the locals if you’re new to the area. Pubs usually organise pub quizzes on a specific day during the week, so check the website of your favourite put to plan ahead.

From what age can kids take online trivia quizzes?

With the help of parents, kids can start taking simple picture quizzes from age 2.

Can interactive trivia quizzes be used in education?

Absolutely. As an example, if your students are learning about the Great Fire of London, a great way for them to confirm their knowledge and boost their confidence is to take a quiz about this historical event in 1666.

Who knows the most about London?

London Black Cab drivers. To get a taxi license in London, drivers need to pass a test by memorising 20 000 street names. This makes black cab drivers almost impossible to beat when it comes to London quizzes.

How do I organise a London quiz night with friends?

Easy. Just google some questions and answers, note them down on a piece of paper and get started. Make sure to adjust the difficulty level according to the age groups. If you have a big age span in your group, make sure to mix up kids and adults. And let the kids answer the easy questions of course.

What’s the single most popular pub quiz trivia question about London?

Questions about the Great Fire of London are very popular. So if you’re planning to take part in a London quiz it can be smart to read up on the basics, like when the fire started (1666), where it started (bakery in Pudding Lane), why it started (dry and windy) and for how many days the fire lasted (4 days).

Who is the most popular person to feature in UK quizzes?

Questions about her Majesty the Queen are undoubtedly very popular when it comes to online quizzes and pub quizzes in the UK. Trivia about the Queen’s favourite drinks, breakfast, destinations, music and charities are among the popular questions you can expect to be asked.