queen elizabeth quiz for kids

Queen Elizabeth II Quiz for Kids

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In honour of her Majesty, we’ve created a Queen Elizabeth II quiz for kids with questions about her remarkable life. Check how much you know about our beloved Queen, from her favourite dog breed and racing sport to music and palaces.

The quiz is recommended from KS2 (age 7+), but some of the questions can be a bit tricky, so getting help from an adult is okay. We’ve also added an explanation to each correct answer, which should make it more educational. And don’t despair if you don’t get all the questions right on the first try – you can retake this picture quiz as many times as you want!

Hint: If you want to be fully prepared for this quiz, check out this post: 21 Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

“Queen Elizabeth was a life well lived; a promise with destiny kept and she is mourned most deeply in her passing.”

King Charles III

Do you prefer a printable Queen Elizabeth II quiz instead? You can download a pdf version of the quiz here.

Queen Elizabeth II Picture Quiz:

Where was the Queen crowned?
How was the Queen transported on the day of her coronation in 1952?
What was Queen Elizabeth's favourite dog breed?
What was the Queen's official London residence?
Which famous bear was the Queen's friend?
Where are the Queen's crown jewels stored?
Which type of racing did the Queen enjoy the most?
What did Queen Elizabeth do as a member of the armed forces during World War 2?
What wake-up music did the Queen enjoy at Balmoral?
What was the Queen's favourite residence in Scotland?
Which popular meal was originally made to celebrate the Queen's coronation?
What type of birds in England belonged to the Queen?
What did the Queen's Royal Arms look like?
What did the Queen usually have for breakfast?
What was the Queen's favourite hot drink?
In which country was the Queen NOT head of state?
Where did the Queen spend Christmases?
What thing in London has NOT been named after Queen Elizabeth II?
Where in London could members of the public see the Queen's coffin?
Where did the Queen's funeral take place?
Where was the Queen laid to rest after her funeral?
queen elizabeth II quiz

Did you download our beautiful printable colouring page of Queen Elizabeth II? The Queen is also frequently featured in our many London Quizzes!

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