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21 Family-Friendly Parks for Kids & Toddlers in London

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Looking for the best parks in London to take your little ones? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide features 21 family-friendly parks that are perfect for kids and toddlers. From playgrounds and picnic areas to wildlife and nature trails, these parks have it all. So pack your bags, grab your kids, and get ready to explore some of the best outdoor spaces London has to offer!

Full of surprises and hidden gems, it can take years to discover all the wonderful green spaces in the capital. Whether you’re planning to go kite-flying on Hampstead Heath in North London or deer-spotting in South London’s Richmond Park, chances are high that you’ll find a great new local park to explore.

From Royal Parks and perfectly manicured Japanese gardens to ancient woodland full of wildlife – London can boast of more green space than any other major capital. And the best thing is that you can enjoy such a wide range of activities in the local parks; from traffic-free cycling and scooting to having fun in free playgrounds and splashing around in paddling pools.

Parks by Area:

Central London Parks

The Central London parks consist of a large green belt of connected parks running between Westminster and Kensington, consisting of Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, St James Park, and Green Park. The other big lovely park that should be on your radar is Regent’s Park, where you’ll find London Zoo. These major parks in Central London fall under the Royal Parks (yes, they are actually owned by the King).

Green Park – Among war memorials and old oaks

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤 (3/5)

Playground: No

Wildlife: Geese, Blackbirds, Mallards, Squirrels

  • Take a moment to reflect on the history behind the war memorials in this Central London Park
  • Go to the top of Wellington Arch while the cavalry is on its way through as part of Changing of the Guard
  • Rent a Boris bike and go for a circular family-cycle trip through Central London’s green belt
  • Take a break and enjoy a picnic among the old oak trees; Green Park is a lot less busy than St James Park
Central London Park
Commonwealth Memorial Gates which stand on each side of Constitution Hill. Green Park is on the left side.

Green Park is not just a stretch of greenery between Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. If you take the time to stop by the many monuments and memorials, you might also learn a thing or two about the British Empire’s eventful history. For the best views, buy a ticket to walk to the top of Wellington Arch where you’ll have a wonderful view of The Mall, London’s parade street. Green Park is one of the essential parks in Central London and is well worth a stop.

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Hyde Park – The classic London park experience

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤 (4/5)

Playground: Yes

Wildlife: Swans, Geese, Ducks, Squirrels, Parakeets 

  • Like New York’s Central Park, Hyde Park is the main green lung in London’s city centre
  • Even if it’s on the main tourist route, this Central London park is big enough to not feel totally crowded. Even on a hot summer day.
  • Our favourite feature is the beautiful Diana Fountain where you can dip your toes on hot summer days. If you’re brave, you can also go for a swim in the outdoor Lido!
  • There’s a decent playground in Hyde Park (next to South Carriage Drive), but nowhere near as impressive as Kensington Garden’s Diana Memorial Playground
Hyde Park in Central London
The Serpentine boating lake in Hyde Park on a warm summer day

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in Central London and is by far the most visited one since it’s within walking distance from so many popular areas like Mayfair and Knightsbridge. It is often compared to New York’s Central Park because of its prominent location. And just like in NYC, if you don’t mind being surrounded by tourists and just need a patch of green space to relax or go for a walk, Hyde Park is a good choice. By the way, for the best photo opportunities, we recommend the Diana memorial fountain and the Serpentine Bridge. There’s also plenty to do for kids with activities like boating, tennis, cycling, roller skating and even horse riding lessons available.

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Kensington Gardens – With real princes and princesses

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤 (4/5)

Playground: Yes, Diana Memorial Playground

Wildlife: Swans, Geese, Ducks, Squirrels, Parakeets 

  • The main feature in the park is Kensington Palace, home to Prince William and Kate
  • Our favourite spot is the brilliant Peter Pan inspired playground dedicated to the late Princess Diana
  • The giant pond in front of the palace is a classic place to feed ducks, swans and geese but be warned; there’s a fair bit of poop around!
  • Located right next to Hyde Park, this is one of the best parks in Central London to take a break from the congested streets of the city
Central London Park
The Albert Memorial on a summer evening in Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens is a beautiful park with plenty of space to play games and have a picnic. If you feel like a bit of culture, you can always pop along to the Serpentine Gallery situated within the park which always has free contemporary art exhibitions. And if you’re exhausted from shopping along Kensington High St Kensington, the park is a lovely place to unwind.

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Regent’s Park – Home to London’s amazing Zoo

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤 (4/5)

Playground: Yes

Wildlife: Swans, Geese, Ducks, Squirrels +London Zoo

  • One of the oldest zoos in the world, a visit to London Zoo is high up on the list for many families visiting London
  • The elegant Victorian terraces lining the park’s outer edges
  • Outdoor theatre open from May to September
  • The perfectly manicured Rose Garden is a must-see
  • Keep an eye out for cyclists racing at high speed on the Outer Circle road
  • While Regent’s Park is one of the best parks in Central London you’ll find more locals and less tourists compared to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens
London Zoo in Regents Park
You can get a glimpse of the camels in London Zoo walking along the Broad Walk in Regent’s Park.

Regent’s Park is another classic Central London park offering different types of events, sporting facilities, an open-air theatre, bandstands and a puppet show! There are four children’s playgrounds and a boating lake in addition to London Zoo making it a family favourite. The Rose Garden is the perfect place to have a picnic if you enjoy manicured gardens. The Broad Walk which runs from north to south through the park is perfect for kids practising roller skating, scooting and skateboarding.

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St James Park – Where the ducks have their own island

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤 (4/5)

Playground: Yes

Wildlife: Swans, Ducks, Squirrels, Parakeets 

  • Since 1612, St James Park’s ducks have enjoyed their very own sanctuary on Duck Island
  • Since 1664, a famous gang of Pelicans have resided in St James Park
  • For that classic London photo opportunity with Buckingham Palace in the background, head to Blue Bridge
  • Check for events taking place along The Mall, London’s ceremonial route running alongside the park
  • Serving as a backdrop to several famous movies, St James is a classic Central London park which should be high up on your London bucket list
The Queen in central london park
Trooping the Colour was a great event to see the queen on The Mall next to St James Park

St James Park is part of the green belt of Central London parks between Westminster and Buckingham Palace. It’s a small park, but with a surprising amount of features like a great little playground, a Duck Island, exotic pelicans as well as a very active colony of parakeets. The pelicans came to the park in 1612 as a gift from the Russian ambassador, but nobody really knows how the colourful parakeets came to London in such great numbers.

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South West London Parks

You’ll have no difficulty finding family-friendly parks in South West London. This is the area where you’ll find Richmond Park and Bushy Park, both beautiful natural parks with woodlands and lots of wildlife. And the world’s biggest botanical park; stunning Kew Gardens.

Battersea Park – Spoilt for choice

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤 (5/5)

Playground: Yes

Wildlife: Siskins, Sand Martins, Grey Herons, Ducks 

  • One of the most family-friendly parks in South West London
  • A small animal children’s zoo with a nice playground
  • Go-Ape treetop challenge (ticketed)
  • Several free playgrounds for children in different age-groups
  • Wide and flat shared footpaths, great for family cycling
  • Take a paddle boat trip on the lake
Battersea Park Playground
Good use of space: Battersea Playground with something for all abilities. Battersea is definitely a family-friendly favourite among the parks in London.

Battersea Park is one of the most popular parks in South West London thanks to a number of activities across the park. There is something for everyone at this park. Families are spoilt for choice and can choose from several free play areas, a small animal zoo, a treetop challenge, bike hire and a boating lake. You can easily spend the day here. Walk along the riverfront, see the fountains, stop off at a cafe and just hang out and have fun.

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Kew Gardens – Explore the wonders of the natural world

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤 (4/5)

Playground: Yes

Wildlife: Waxwings, Terns, Swallows, Redwings, Siskins

  • The world’s largest and most diverse collection of plants
  • The largest Victorian glasshouse on Earth
  • Challenge yourself in the Treetop Walkway
  • Take the kids to the beautiful Children’s Garden
  • Visit the beautiful Kew Palace
Boy standing under a big tree in Kew Gardens park in south west london
Young and Old: Our son juxtaposed next to one of the massive ancient trees in Kew Gardens!

Kew Gardens is more than just a garden. Just like the British Museum presents you with the man-made wonders of the world, Kew Gardens will show you the botanical wonders of the planet. From tropical plants in the rainforest to cacti in the desert, Kew Gardens will take you on a journey through the world of plants like no other place. It’s also more than just a static display of plants; you’ll be able to experience the elements of nature first-hand through activities like the treetop walkway.

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Richmond Park – Go deer hunting with your camera

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤 (3/5)

Playground: Yes

Wildlife: Deer, Bats, Newts, Reptiles, Badgers, Woodpeckers, Skylarks

  • The best wildlife park in South West London
  • Go for a woodland walk and feel like you’re far out in the countryside
  • You’ll almost be guaranteed to see wild deer visiting the park, but be careful not to get too close during the rutting season
  • The circular cycle route around Richmond Park is great for traffic-free family cycling
  • Go to King Henry’s mound and admire the protected view towards the City of London
Deer in Richmond Park in South West London
Richmond Park in South West London is the best place to admire wild deer in the UK capital.

Richmond Park in South West London is an amazing experience for the whole family to enjoy. The landscape has changed little over the centuries and is made up of hills, woodlands, ponds, gardens and grasslands set amongst ancient trees. There is plenty to do at Richmond. Cycling, fishing, wildlife watching and horse riding are all possible. You can also fly kites on windy days and set up your own outdoor games. The magical thing about Richmond Park is that you’ll feel as if you’re in the countryside, so if you are feeling cooped up in the city it is the perfect place to go.

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West London Parks

Living in West London, you have easy access to the Parks in Central London like Kensington Gardens as well as the parks in South West London like Kew Gardens and Bushy Park. But you also have Holland Park, which is a local favourite with lots of activities for kids.

Holland Park – A classy West London Park

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤 (5/5)

Playground: Yes

Wildlife: Wrens, Woodpeckers, Geese, Owls, Herons

  • This park in West London surrounds a Jacobean mansion, Holland House built in 1605 and largely destroyed by the nazis during the Blitz
  • Far enough from Central London to have a distinctly local feel
  • Excellent options for school children, with a state-of-the-art adventure playground
  • Toddler playground with large sand area separate from the older kids
  • The beautiful and serene Japanese “Kyoto” garden
Holland London Park
Holland Park in West London is a great patch of green for kids

Holland Park in West London is a lovely local park just off the busy shopping area of High Street Kensington. This is a charming local park with everything you might need for kids. You can take a stroll through the wooded paths and spot peacocks and rabbits running around, walk through the Japanese garden and picnic on the lawn in front of Holland Park House.

There is a One O’Clock club (a drop-in area for Under 5s) which is open from 1 pm to 3 pm on weekdays, an adventure playground for older kids and a large sandpit and play area for younger kids. You can find out more about wildlife in the park at the Ecology Centre or you can just relax and have a piece of cake at the cafe.

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North London Parks

If you’re looking for parks in North London you’ll have plenty to choose from, including the massive green areas of Epping Forest and Hampstead Heath. These are parks that are big enough to feel like you’ve totally escaped the city without any signs of cars, high-rise buildings or pollution.

Epping Forest – Great for long woodland walks

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤 (3/5)

Playground: No

Wildlife: Fallow Deer, Muntjacs, Rooks, Redwings, Woodpeckers

  • London’s largest green space with ancient woodland, wild deer and great fishing lakes
  • Easily within reach from Central London
  • Horse riding available for young beginners
  • Several waymarked trails through the woods
  • There are four visitor centres where you can pick up maps of the area and suggestions of where to walk
  • Epping Forest is a North London gem with lots of opportunities for the whole family to get active
Epping Forest
Ancient Woodlands in Epping Forest

Epping Forest Park in North East London is a great place to get a woodland experience without having to go far out of the city. If you’re new to the area, take a look at the marked woodland trails choosing from 9 different routes. The area is also really good for cycling, with flat gravel paths completely traffic-free and safe for children.

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Hampstead Heath – Go kiteflying on the Heath

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤 (3/5)

Playground: No

Wildlife: Waxwings, Geese, Crows, House Martins, Siskins

  • From the top of Parliament Hill or “Kite Hill”, you can enjoy a great panorama of Central London
  • It’s almost always windy on the Heath, so perfect for kiteflying
  • Taking the 7 km long Heath Circuit Walk is one of the best ways to spend a day out in the fresh air in London
  • Get a ticket for Kenwood House, a former stately home
  • Enjoy ancient woodland and old oaks
  • An essential park in North London suitable for everyone, young and old.
Kite Flying on Hampstead Heath
Kite Flying on Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a park in North London with amazing views of the city as the highest natural place in London. The park is only 4 miles from Central London but it feels much further when walking through the natural woods. It is a great place for children to enjoy the outdoors, playing in the woodlands or kite flying on the hill. Excellent Parliament Hill Playground has loads of play equipment including slides, a sandpit and even a paddling pool. There’s also an adventure playground with rope swings and more challenging climbing frames.

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Primrose Hill – London’s most exclusive hilltop

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤 (3/5)

Playground: No

  • One of the best panoramas of Central London
  • The perfect slope for snow sledging in winter
  • A great view of New Year’s Eve fireworks
  • A decent playground with public toilets and baby-change
On top of Primrose Hill park in North London
From the top of Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is a park in North London just about far enough from Central London that it feels more local than touristy. This green patch in North London is a local favourite surrounded by exclusive neighbourhoods like St Johns Wood. In the Primrose Hill area, you’ll find picturesque streets with independent shops and cafes. A nice way to arrive at the park is to walk along Regent’s Canal from Little Venice and Maida Vale.

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East London Parks – Take a break at a charming city-farm

Heading to a park in East London? You’ll be able to choose from a mix of green spaces from classic Victoria Park to modern parks like Queen Elizabeth II’s Olympic Park and Thames Barrier Park. You’re never far away from a park in East London!

Mudchute Park and Farm

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤 (4/5)

Playground: No

  • Built on derelict land from the former docks on the Isle of Dogs, this park is a local gem
  • Enjoy the sight of farm animals juxtaposed next to Canary Wharf’s high-rise buildings
  • A separate accessible area for young kids to get close to small furry animals like rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Sign up for beginner horse riding classes at the farm
  • Stop by the charming farm cafe for a hearty lunch
Mudchute Farm Feeding Horses
Feeding the horses at Mudchute Farm

Mudchute Park and Farm offers 31 acres of parkland and a working farm, smack dab in the middle of the Docklands! It’s not many places in the world where you can see a flock of sheep grassing on a hill, juxtaposed next to skyscrapers. An equestrian centre provides riding lessons, educational programs are carried out and there is a garden centre, shop and cafe.

Mudchute is the biggest of all the city farms in London and the one we have rated the highest. Located on the Isle of Dog, it’s loved by local Islanders as well as visiting families travelling from other parts of London to see the adorable farm animals.

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Olympic Park – Get active in the Olympic Park

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤 (4/5)

Playground: Yes

  • Modern park in East London with a wide range of activities
  • Take a swim in the Olympic Swimming Pool located on the south side of the park
  • You’ll find a Hockey and Tennis Centre on the north side of the park
  • The “Pleasure Gardens Play Area(see photo), is great for toddlers and young children
  • Tumbling Bay Playground on the north side of the park is featuring more challenging play equipment
  • Go on a family-friendly cycle route starting at the Olympic Park going north following River Lea and the reservoirs towards Waltham Cross.
Olympic Park Playground
Enjoying the sand area in the Olympic Park Playground in East London

Olympic Park in East London is one of the most modern parks in the UK capital, purpose-built for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London containing several sports venues, like London Stadium which is home to West Ham United. In the aftermath of the Olympics, the park has become a driving hub in the redevelopment of this part of East London.

There are lots of opportunities for locals to stay active taking advantage of the many sports facilities in the park. If you would like to test yourself swimming in an Olympic swimming pool, the London Aquatics Centre is open for everyone. To the north of the park, you have the Hockey and Tennis Centre offering state of the art facilities. Older kids can test their courage going down the slide in the Orbit, while younger kids can choose between two playgrounds with modern play equipment.

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Thames Barrier Park – Check out a wonder of modern engineering

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤 (3/5)

Playground: Yes

  • Park in East London overlooking the city’s main barrier against floods
  • Explore the sunken ornate garden deigned on a maritime theme
  • Relax on the grass and watch life on the Thames
  • There’s a well-maintained playground best for toddlers and young kids
  • Go plane-spotting and check out the flights taking off and landing at London City Airport nearby
mother and daughter looking at the thames barrier
Thames Barrier Park offers a great view of the Thames Barrier from the north side of the Thames

Thames Barrier Park in East London is a public park based on a contemporary design. It’s a nice place to stop for a picnic while gazing at the futuristic-looking structures in the Thames constructed in 1984 to prevent London from getting flooded. If you want to see the Thames Barrier in action, there’s a test taking place once per month. Note that you won’t be able to walk on the barrier itself, and the information centre is located on the south side of the river in Woolwich.

See more photos from our visit to Thames Barrier Park

Victoria Park – London’s best playground slides

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤 (4/5)

Playground: Yes

  • Classic park in East London enjoyed by families since the Victorian times
  • Arguably the best selection of playground slides in London for children of all abilities
  • Great play area for toddlers and younger kids with a large sand area
  • Great selection of cafes and pubs nearby
  • Check out the music festivals during the summer
Victoria Park fin East London with slides
The slides in Vicky Park are among the longest in London

Victoria “Vicky” Park is the historically most important park in East London. From festivalgoers to families with kids, the park is still one of the most popular green spaces in East London. With lots of charming neighbourhoods and Regent’s Canal floating by, it’s an area where you can easily spend a full day.

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Wanstead Park – Listen to the birds

Family rating: 🐤🐤 (2/5)

Playground: No

  • Park in East London perfect for some peace and quiet in green surroundings
  • Great for birdwatching, don’t forget your binoculars!
  • Reportedly one of the very few places in London where you can hear the skylark sing
  • In springtime, the meadows are filled with beautiful bluebells
Get active in Wanstead Park

Wanstead Park in East London has a grand history linked to the aristocracy. In 1812 the widowed owner of a grand manor house re-married to the nephew of the Duke of Wellington who promptly squandered her fortune on his extravagant lifestyle. The house and grounds were sold off to repay his debts. Today, all that remains are the decaying remnants of the formal gardens, dating from the early eighteenth century.

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South East London Parks

Wondering where to find the best parks in South East London? You’ll have plenty to choose from, including local gems like Stave Hill Park and Greenwich Ecology Park to get your nature fix.

Greenwich Park – Enjoy a picnic with an epic view

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤 (3/5)

Playground: Yes

  • Park in South East London full of family-friendly historical attractions
  • Climb up and admire one of the 4 great viewpoints in Greenwich Park
  • Visit one of the many attractions in the park, like the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum
  • Admire the flowers in the Rose Garden during springtime
  • Take the kids to Greenwich Park’s excellent playground
  • Book a ticket for the Planetarium and go on a journey in outer space
The Observatory in Greenwich Park in South East London
The Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park in South East London

Greenwich is one of the most family-friendly areas in London, with activities ranging from interactive galleries in the National Maritime Museum to water sand play in Greenwich Park Playground. In this park in South East London, you can go and see Queen Elizabeth’s Oak which has been around since Tudor times. Or visit the old Royal Observatory and stand on the meridian line. But first and foremost, Greenwich Park is a fantastic place for a picnic on top of a hill while enjoying great views across London.

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Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park – Get your nature fix in North Greenwich

Family rating: 🐤🐤 (2/5)

Playground: No

  • Compact natural park in South East London
  • Walk on raised boardwalks and enjoy the marshland’s wildlife
  • A nice place to take a break if cycling on the Thames Path
  • Learn about the historic wildlife in the area, and use the hides to take some great photos
  • Volunteer to get hands-on helping out with the maintenance of the park
  • Explore the adjacent Southern Park
greenwich peninsula ecology parl
Walking on the boardwalk through Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park

Greenwich Ecology Park in South East London represents an example of how the Greenwich marshes looked before the peninsula was developed. If you are cycling along the Thames Path, this is a great place to take a little break and see a well-managed piece of local wildlife. There’s also a nice little playground in the adjacent “Southern Park” with a slide and a climbing frame.

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Oxleas Woods – Ancient woodland and a folly castle

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤 (3/5)

Playground: No

  • Natural park in South East London great for a sunday walk in the woods
  • Ancient woodland that has remained unchanged for thousands of years in the middle of South East London
  • Take the 5km circular walk through the area and get a sense of how this part of London used to be before it was developed in modern times
  • Serverndroog Castle offers a fantastic panorama across South London (open on Sundays and bank holidays)
  • Oxleas Meadows is a beautiful patch of green space perfect for picnics
  • Stop by the Woodlands Farm on Shooters Hill nearby
Girl in Oxleas Woods
Beautiful dark and ancient Oxleas Woods

Oxleas Woods has remained unchanged for as long as 8000 years, which is a pretty cool fact considering how close this patch of land is to Central London. The unusual word “oxleas” is an old Saxon word by the way and means “a pasture for oxen”. Today this woodland area is a great example of conservation in action; retaining a historically important green space for the enjoyment of future generations.

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Stave Hill and Russia Dock Woodland – The great outdoors in Rotherhithe

Family rating: 🐤🐤🐤🐤 (4/5)

Playground: No

  • Hidden gem of a park in South East London on the Rotherhithe peninsula.
  • Take a walk through woodlands built on top of the former Russia Dock in Rotherhithe
  • Look for maritime objects from when the docks were in use
  • Climb on top of Stave Hill and enjoy a great panorama of South East London
  • Enjoy the many duck ponds and go bird spotting along the many nature trails
children in park in south east london
From the top of Stave Hill with the Shard and the City of London in the background

Stave Hill Park and Russia Dock Woodland intertwine and form a green belt on the Rotherhithe peninsula, popular with locals as a place for kids to play and go for woodland walks. If you walk the Thames Path and take a shortcut through the Rotherhithe peninsula, it’s an excellent spot to take a break and have a picnic.

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Advice when taking kids to local parks in London

Parks in London are very family-friendly, with most of them offering dedicated play areas for kids. However, a little planning goes a long way: In big parks like Greenwich Park and Richmond Park, it can be quite a walk to reach the playground if you’re entering from the opposite side. It also makes sense to check the recommended age group of the playground to avoid disappointment. For more details, check our overview of playgrounds in London.

FAQ Parks in London

How many parks are there in London?

You’ll find 3000 big and small parks in London covering 40% of the capital’s areal.

How many royal parks are there in London?

There are 8 royal parks in London. They used to be royal hunting grounds, and are still owned by the Queen of England.

What is the biggest park in London?

Richmond Park is the largest enclosed green space, while Epping Forest is the largest open space in the London area at just over 6,000 acres.

Where is the Olympic Park in London?

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is located in Stratford in East London.

What are the famous parks in London?

Hyde Park is generally the most famous park in London and is often compared to New York’s Central Park. Other famous parks in London include Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park and Kew Gardens.

What parks can you bbq in London?

Here are five parks where you are normally allowed to barbecue at designated areas: Olympic Park (East Village), Burgess Park, Russel Square, Waterlow Park, Highbury Fields. Always double-check with the official park website in case of changes.

Can you smoke in parks in London?

You can generally smoke outdoors in London’s parks, but not in buildings or enclosed areas such as playgrounds, cafe-areas, lidos etc.

Can you cycle in London parks?

You are not allowed to cycle off-road (MTB) or on footpaths, but you can cycle on shared paths and designated cycle paths. Check the park maps, follow the signs and always remember to give way to pedestrians.

What are the 8 royal parks in London?

Richmond Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park, St James’s Park, Green Park, Bushy Park and Greenwich Park.

What is the most beautiful park in London?

Kew Gardens is often regarded as the most beautiful park in London with beautiful gardens and greenhouses with exotic plants.

What’s your favourite park?

Let us know in the comments if you have a favourite park in London! Which playgrounds did we miss out on? Any feedback welcome 🙂


Marion D February 20, 2021 - 10:18 pm

Great selection of parks! Until recently I lived close to Greenwich Park, and I just love to watch the sunset from the hill leading up to the Obervatory!

LondonDucklings February 20, 2021 - 10:28 pm

That’s such a good tip Marion, thanks for sharing! ? With young kids going to bed early it’s been a while since we’ve admired the sunset from Observatory Hill…

Caron February 21, 2021 - 7:44 am

Nothing beats a Sunday walk on the Heath with the family ! And if weather permits, we go kiteflying on Kite Hill and stop by the playground.

LondonDucklings February 21, 2021 - 10:30 am

Well said! Hampstead Heath is such a lovely area for families.

Emma February 22, 2021 - 11:11 am

London wetland centre is our favourite. Family membership is just £6 per month and we have unlimited entry to 9 wetland centres, free magazine, free vouchers … quite a good deal!

LondonDucklings February 22, 2021 - 11:15 am

That’s a great tip, thanks a lot for sharing Emma! ?

Dom February 23, 2021 - 12:45 pm

We lived in the Rotherhithe area for years, and only discovered the woodlands area in Stave Hill during lockdown. At least one positive thing about the lockdown, is that we’ve become experts in finding local green spots ?

LondonDucklings February 23, 2021 - 12:48 pm

Glad you got your Nature fix during lockdown!

JOhn February 25, 2021 - 3:56 pm

It might be true that London is one of the capitals in the world with the most green space, but it doesn’t mean its a “green city”. Several parks and green areas in London are under threat from new developments being approved by local councils looking to earn a few extra quids.

LondonDucklings February 25, 2021 - 5:33 pm

Good point. We need to protect our green spaces!

Steph February 27, 2021 - 7:58 am

We take our MTBs to Epping Forest every weekend. It gets really muddy in winter but it’s the only place close to London where you can go mountainbiking

LondonDucklings February 27, 2021 - 8:49 am

Thanks for the tip Steph!

Ralph February 28, 2021 - 7:23 am

My favourite bit of greenery in London is the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park – it’s just stunning! Keep in mind that picnics and dogs are not allowed here to protect the peacocks.

LondonDucklings February 28, 2021 - 9:13 am

Absolutely, the Kyoto Garden is beautiful! ?

Sue July 19, 2022 - 3:49 pm

An amazing list of parks! Wonderful to take advantage during this summer’s heatwave….


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