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A Beginner’s Guide to Skateboarding in London

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With a daughter eager to become the next Sky Brown, we’ve taken a roundtrip to check out the best skateparks in London. Read all about our verdict of the best skateboard venues to be ollieing, sliding, gliding, pumping and rolling off any concrete structure that comes in your way. Luckily there are plenty of skateparks in London to help practice that perfect trick!

Skateboarding boom

Skateboarding has been around for decades, but with its popularity on the rise, people of all ages are getting into it for fun and challenge. And what’s not to love? It’s a great way to get some exercise and have a blast while you’re at it. If you’re new to skateboarding, the best way to learn is to find a skatepark. Skateparks are explicitly designed for skateboarding, so they have everything you need to learn and practice. They usually have ramps, rails, half-pipes, jumps and other obstacles. There are plenty of skateparks in London, so you’re sure to find one that’s close to you.

If you’re looking for a great skatepark to check out, we’ve got you covered.

London’s Best Skateparks:

1. Mile End Skatepark

The Mile End skatepark is a dream come true for skaters in the East London area. With its heavily street-oriented focus, this park provides a perfect space for skaters to be creative and try new tricks. The large concrete street section and rapid bowl are perfect for honing skills and showing off your best moves – definitely one of the best skateparks in London.

girl skateboarding in london
Mile End Skatepark in East London

You’ll want to check out the street section. With its mix of banks, blocks and rails, it’s perfect for grinding and flipping tricks. In one corner, you’ll find a 4-foot flat bank hip with a Koston block on top, while in the other corner, you’ll find a video-inspired Toblerone block with a tight bank and short platform. And if that’s not enough, there’s also a 2.5-foot deep dish to grind over!

Mile End Skatepark in London

With various obstacles to choose from, you can spend hours skating and never get bored. The bowl is deep and challenging, while the street course offers a range of gaps and obstacles for all levels of skaters. When it’s raining outside, the mini ramps under the arches are perfect for some indoor fun.

If you’re looking for a rad skatepark for a session, be sure to check out Mile End. It’s got a ton of unique lines and obstacles for skaters of all levels, so you can easily spend the day learning new tricks!

Mile End Skatepark | St Paul’s Way | London E3 4AG

2. Folkestone Gardens Skatepark

Whether you’re a novice or expert skateboarder, Folkestone Gardens Skatepark is an excellent place to spend an afternoon. Well, it’s actually quite popular these days, so if you’re a total newbie, you might want to come early in the morning to have some more room to test out your skills. The locals are super friendly, and the atmosphere is always relaxed. Suppose you love street features, half-pipe and half-bowl skating. In that case, we definitely recommend you to check out Folkestone Gardens Skatepark in London.

Skateboarding competition London
Folkestone skatepark in Deptford, South East London

Since 2003, the metal quarter pipe and driveway at the skatepark had been in a state of disrepair. However, this all changed in October 2015 when construction began to replace these features with a brand new concrete skatepark!

This new skatepark, which finally opened in February of 2016, was built by Freestyle Skateparks at the cost of around £240k Today Folkestone is one of the best skateparks in London.

Girl skateboarding in London

It is a dream come true for skateboarders and scooter enthusiasts of all ages! This well-maintained park is open from dawn until dusk. It offers a variety of challenges for riders of all abilities. The smooth concrete surface is perfect for grinding and flipping. At the same time, the various obstacles and ramps provide plenty of opportunities for air time.

Folkestone skatepark in London

So if you’re ever feeling down, head on down to this skatepark and take a few laps on the fresh concrete- you won’t be disappointed!

Folkestone Gardens Skatepark | 55 Rolt St, London | SE8 5NJ, United Kingdom

3. Stockwell Skatepark

The Stockwell location is one of the oldest skateparks in London – or anywhere for that matter! It was built back in 1978 and is overseen by the Friends of Stockwell Skatepark. It was constructed by Lorne Edwards, who was responsible for building the UK’s first skatepark in Portland, Dorset. 

He’s quite the legend in the skating world, and his work at Stockwell is something to be proud of. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check it out – it’s an absolute blast from the past!

stockwell skatepark in London
Stockwell Skatepark in London

This superb concrete oasis has something for everyone- a large variety of ramps and obstacles for skateboarders and BMX enthusiasts, as well as a few good spots for street skaters.

It was renovated in 2008 and featured some brand new additions that are sure to get your blood pumping. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, Stockwell is the right place!

All sorts of organic features make for an exciting and fun ride. You’ll find a long snake run, as well as a bowled corner with coping, to test your skills on. There are also plenty of other hips, bumps and dips to keep you entertained. And if that’s not enough, there are also ledges, quarterpipes and flat banks to play on.

skateparks in london

This is a one-of-a-kind skate spot that will easily take up an entire day if you want it to. Make it top of your list of London spots, and make sure you get down there soon! The sheer size and variety of obstacles available here are impressive, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny. 

Stockwell Skate Park | Stockwell Rd | London SW9 0XZ

4. Victoria Park Skatepark

Victoria park’s skatepark is open, and it is incredible! This concrete paradise was built by the guys at Wheelscape, and it is packed full of features. The main attraction is the vast, quirky bowl which features London’s only cradle and the second in the UK after Hastings. This bowl is full of lines and transitions ranging from 5-8 feet with some sharp hips, clean transitions and a foot of vert in places. If that’s not enough for you, the park also has a street section with ledges, banks and rails, as well as a small vert ramp.

This park has everything you need to get your skate on. It features a street section with hips, pump bumps, banks and ledges, and a bowled corner for linking lines together. This section has been designed with skaters in mind, so it flows smoothly and provides plenty of challenge and fun.

Victoria Park skatepark is a local favourite for a fun afternoon session. With its convenient location and a wide variety of obstacles, it’s the perfect spot to work on your skills. The only downside is that it is one of the busiest skateparks in London, so try to come during the week if you want some space for yourself.

Victoria Park Skatepark

With its endless possibilities for progression, Victoria Park is a must-visit spot for any skater.

Victoria Park | London E3 5PE

5. Southbank Skate Space

The Long Live South Bank campaign was a huge success. The undercroft of the Southbank Centre remains one of the most iconic skateboarding spots in the UK. 

Riders, boarders and graffiti artists have been congregating here for over 40 years, and it’s a true mecca for anyone who loves street skating. 

The redevelopment of the Southbank Centre in 2014 put the future of the undercroft in danger. Still, thanks to skaters and local enthusiasts’ hard work and dedication, it was saved. 

The skateable plaza area is a great place to spend a sunny day. The concrete is smooth, and the blocks, stair set and banks are fun to play on. The long, flat block is great for grinding on, and the other block, shorter and slanted upwards, is perfect for tricks.

The banks surround the lower section of the plaza with a set of railings around the edge. It’s a fun and exciting place to be, especially if you’re daring enough to jump the gap! The gap adjacent to the stair set is an infamous drop for those who are brave enough.

southbank skatepark
Southbank Skatepark

If you’re looking for a place to meet friends and skate at night, this is the spot for you! The perfect place to hang out and have some fun! There are no set opening times, and it’s undercover and lit, so you can stay out all night if you want.

Southbank Skate Space | 337-338 Belvedere Rd | London SE1 8XT

6. Clapham Common Skatepark

The skatepark on Clapham Common is a real beauty – it was refurbished and opened to the public in January 2012 by Freestyle. The concrete sections are nice and smooth, with a few metal ramps thrown in for good measure – they’ve been well constructed and are perfect for some nice long flowing lines. 

There is plenty of variations and exciting obstacles here, so you’re sure to find something to keep you entertained. 

It’s split into two sections, one with a tarmac outer and all sorts of ledges, flat rails and a curved ledge. In contrast, the main concrete section is open and spacious, with plenty of room to skate multiple lines. You’ll love incorporating every obstacle into your tricks here!

clapham common skatepark
Clapham Common Skatepark

It’s got banks, quarter pipes, and a mini ramp–not to mention a sweet 3-foot half pipe. There’s also an excellent plaza section with ledges, rails, and stairs, as well as a curved ledge and bowled corner. You can let loose here and have some serious fun skating around.

The Clapham Common is a great place to go if you’re looking for a fun street skating session with many unique and challenging lines and obstacles. If you time it well, you can avoid the crowds and enjoy peace and quiet while skating.

Clapham Common Skatepark | 10 Rookery Rd | London SW4 9DD 

7. Crystal Palace Skatepark

The Crystal Palace Park skatepark is a place where skateboarding dreams come true. This 100 metres long and 11-metre wide concrete band is filled with all sorts of rideable terrains, from a cloverleaf pool to a deep swimming pool-style stone coping and tiling. 

At the centre of the pool is a beautiful and alluring steel-coping bowl that offers a variety of hips and curves. This bowl varies in-depth, from 5.5ft in the shallowest sections to 7 ft in the deepest area.

crystal palace skatepark london
Great for beginners – skateboarding in Crystal Palace Park

At one end of the skatepark, there’s a section full of gnarly tricks and enormous jumps for the hardcore skaters. But suppose you’re looking for a mellower experience. In that case, there’s a large section with more beginner-friendly features like flat banks, transitions, and even a few small hills.

It’s a great place to spend an afternoon with friends or to just get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Crystal Palace Skatepark | Crystal Palace Park | London SE20 8DT

8. BAYSIXTY6 Skate Park

BaySixty6, the holy grail of skate parks! This hallowed ground has been changing hands and names for years but has recently been updated and reopened under the sponsorship of Nike SB. split into three main sections- a bowl, a street section and a beginner section- there’s plenty of space here for everyone to find their groove. So go on down, strap on your board and enjoy some good old fashioned fun!

This beautiful wooden bowl is huge and takes up a quarter of the park- its hexagonal panel technique makes it faster and smoother. It has a deep and shallow section, with clean and not too whippy transitions.

BAYSIXTY6 Skate Park
BAYSIXTY6 skatepark in West London

The street section is fantastic! With plenty of space between obstacles, it gives you plenty of time to adjust your tricks. The main feature of the street section is the infamous vert wall. This is a legendary feature that has always been a part of BaySixty6.

Head to the beginner’s section for a super fun and chill session with your friends. There are many excellent features here like wallrides, flat bars, star set and quarter pipes. You’re sure to have a blast!

You’ll have a great time here with all the facilities available, including a skate shop, snack shop, lockers, and toilets. There’s always something fun going on here, like demos and promo events. The staff are super friendly and run all sorts of special sessions.

BAYSIXTY6 Skate Park | Bay, 66 Acklam Rd | London W10 5YU

So what are you waiting for? Get your skateboard and head on down to one of these legendary skateparks in London! You’re sure to have a blast shredding the gnarliest lines and pulling off sick tricks. 

These parks offer something for everyone, so whether you’re a beginner or a hardcore skater, there’s something for you at any of these eight amazing parks. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming events- you don’t want to miss out on all the fun! By the way, have you tried roller skating in London yet?

skateparks in london
Folkestone Gardens in South East London where you’ll find one of London’s most popular skateparks

Skate Lessons for Kids in London

School of Skate

The School of Skate was established in 2017 after Charlton Park opened in London. They offer private and group skateboard lessons. Skateboarding is open to all ages, and we supply all the equipment and safety gear you need to have a go. Our mission is to promote and create communities in public skateparks. We have worked with local councils and Scout groups. We can also bring portable ramps and rails to your location. For your lesson, they provide insured and DBS enhanced-checked skateboard instructors.

skateboard lessons in london
Highly Recommended: School of Skate

Urban Studio Sessions

Urban Studio Sessions (USS), a non-profit organisation, is dedicated to improving physical health and wellbeing. It supports children, young people and adults in pursuing the sport. Certified instructors focus on providing quality skateboarding tuition. This ensures that our students are taught the best techniques, allowing them to make steady progress and allow participants to move into real-world applications. Their experienced instructors will provide all the support you need, whether you’re new to skateboarding or looking to improve your skills. You can choose from private sessions, group sessions, birthday parties and social programs, and weekly club sessions.

Ricoskateschool Skateboard Lessons

Inaugurated in 2021. Ricoskateschool offers skateboard lessons for all levels and ages. They offer 1-2-1 and group lessons. They have been DBS-checked and are fully insured. Skateboarding is a great way to build friendships, self-confidence, and exercise. It also makes it easy for participants to feel part of a supportive and inclusive community.

North London Skate Club

Both inline and skateboarders can take private and group skateboard lessons. All levels and ages are welcome.

Skate clubs are a great way for people to make friends and be part of the local skate community. Private skateboard lessons are also available if you prefer a more personal service.

Instructors receive regular training and are taught proven methods from various disciplines. Jonathan Forbes, the Head Coach, holds qualifications in Inline, Skateboarding, Skiing and Snowboarding. It’s not all about the skills. We are passionate about sharing our passion for skating!

Learn to skateboard

Learn to skateboard was founded in 2004 by Dave Chesson (a former professional skateboarder). It is also one of the UK’s longest-running skate schools and coaching programs. They offer 1-to-1 sessions for adults and children, group sessions, after-school clubs, and other support to schools and youth services. Dave and his team can travel to any London and Home Counties location. They will provide all equipment. They can teach all levels of riders, from beginners to experts. All coaches have insurance coverage and are DBS-checked.

Skates & Ladders

Private 1-to-1 skateboard lessons or private group lessons allow you to learn at your own pace. Lessons are offered 7 days per week starting at 8.30 am. They can be taken at any well-known London spots, public parks, or skateparks. We will get you moving, keep you safe, and build your confidence.


London’s most popular skateboarding club. They specialise in teaching kids ages 4-15 how to skateboard in a safe and fun environment. They provide 1:1 skateboard lessons and work with many schools in London.

Instructors have successfully completed a comprehensive training program that includes First Aid, Safeguarded, DBS and full insurance. They also know how to teach children at various levels.

Easy Rollers

We offer 1-2-1 and group lessons at London’s skate parks. Our instructors are all first aid trained, DBS checked, and fully insured. All skateboard lessons include the use of high-end professional skateboards. We also provide protective equipment if needed. Our instructors will help you gain confidence on the board by teaching you how to properly balance and stance and turn and stop safely.

The feeling of accomplishment when you learn basic tricks and then move on to ramps and obstacles is very rewarding. It is also beneficial for your mental and physical health. We cater to adults and children with special needs. Take a look at our Google reviews and visit our website to get started with us today!

The Best Skateboard Shops in London

Slam City Skates

This is London’s most famous skateboard spot. Since 1988, this shop has been part of the Covent Garden counterculture. In April 2015, it moved to a new location on Endell Street. Slam City Skates has a second branch in Bethnal Green and offers the best in designer skating to both the east and west sides. They offer everything you need, from bags and books to phones and accessories to your phone.

37 Endell Street, WC2H 9EE

skateboard shops in london
Slam City Skates: Skateboards perfectly customised for your kid’s age-group

Slick Willies

Slick Willies, London’s oldest skate shop from 1970, is another historic hub of London’s skating culture. They are located just a few minutes from Hyde Park, a great spot for inline skaters. They are open seven days a week and sell everything you need: skates, boards, and scooters. They are friendly experts in all things London-ish and wheeled.

12 Gloucester Road SW7 4RB

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