The Best Museums and Historical Attractions in London

by LondonDucklings

London’s many grand museums and historical attractions are on top of many visitors’ wishlists.  From historical royal palaces to museums from the Victorian age – London is an amazing place to inspire kids to get more interested in history and science. 

London Museum for Kids

West London Museums

Experience glorious attractions in west/south-west London

Central London Museums

Museums and attractions in the heart of London (Westminster and City of London)

East London Museums

Historical attractions and museums in East/South East London

Luckily time has not stood still since Victorian times, with the development of interactive ways to engage visitors. Most, if not all of the major London museums have a strong focus on family-friendly activities. Visiting London museums with our own kids for years, we hope our reviews will be helpful when planning your next museum visit in London.

Girl outside Victoria & Albert, one of London's best museums

We love the “holy triangle” in South Kensington; V&A, NHM and the Science Museum

Museums in West London

The enormous volume of objects gathered by the passionate collectors of the British Empire forms the foundation of London’s Amazing Museums. In South Kensington, you’ll find the world-renowned Victoria & Albert MuseumNatural History Museum and Science Museum right next to each other on the same street.

Boy running through a museum next to an old boat

Just like Kensington is the main museum hub in West London, Greenwich is the main museum spot in East/South East London. This from the Maritime Museum.

Museums in East London

On the opposite side of town, in the South East of London, you’ll find the Royal Museums of Greenwich. This cluster of museums is made up of National Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark and Royal Observatory which are all excellent family-friendly choices.  On the other side of the river, just next to Canary Wharf, you’ll find the Museum of Docklands which has a fantastic interactive area for toddlers called The Mudlark Gallery. If you want to mix in some outside time with your kids, check our favourite City-Farms and Playgrounds which you’ll find plenty of in East London. A bit further south of Greenwich, you’ll find the Horniman Museum where you can combine a nice mix of outdoor and indoor activities.

Museum in London with girl and boy playing with train

Playing with miniature tube-trains at the Museum of London in the City of London

Museums in the City of London

If you are interested in London’s history, we highly recommend the Museum of London where you can follow the history of the city from the early beginnings and learn how Saxons, Romans, Vikings and Normans have all left their mark on the city.  And if you’re into Viking history like we are, don’t forget to check our list of Viking Places in London! For adults and kids fascinated by the iconic London tube-network, red buses and black cabs, London Transport Museum is a must-see.

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