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30 Spooky London Halloween Events For Kids

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In this post, we’ll explore 30 London Halloween events for kids in 2023. You’ll find a good mix of free and paid events, ranging from traditional trick-and-treating to spooky trails and haunted buildings. From Halloween costume parades to pumpkin patches and more, we’ll guide you through all the options to make sure you’ll enjoy a scary and memorable Halloween!

From teenagers to toddlers, in this list of Halloween activities, you’ll find something for everyone. Be quick to book as the most popular events get sold out very quickly. Here is the ultimate list of awesome Halloween events for kids in London in 2023:

1. Go Family Pumpkin Picking near London

  • When? From the beginning of October
  • Where? Farms outside London
  • Price? From £1
family picking pumpkins

If you want to get into a spooky mood, picking your own pumpkins is a great way to start celebrating Halloween in London for families. In our list of pumpkin-picking places near London, you can choose from a range of pumpkin patches – many of which have special events as part of the entrance price. Tickets usually cost £1 – £5 to enter the pumpkin picking field (remember to book in advance) and then you simply pay for the pumpkins you pick. Don’t worry if you don’t have a car; we’ve ranked the farms in terms of travel time by public transport.

2. Legoland Brick or Treat 2023

  • When? September 28 – November 5 2023
  • Where? Legoland Windsor
  • Price? From £34
legoland halloween

Brace yourselves for the return of a spooktacular event at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort – it’s time for BRICK OR TREAT! The LEGO Monsters are back, and they’re throwing a Monster Party like no other to celebrate their favourite time of the year.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the festivities as we bring back the thrilling 4D movie, ‘The Great Monster Chase!’ It’s a frightfully fun experience you won’t want to miss. But that’s not all – get ready to unleash your creativity with awesome themed LEGO builds. A great way to celebrate Halloween for families in London!

And for those seeking a dose of excitement, the fangtastic Monster Jam show at the Harbour is a must-see. The adrenaline will be pumping as you watch these monsters in action.

But wait, there’s more! Brace yourselves as ‘Monster Street’ makes a daring return. Only the bravest souls should venture there, but the rewards are worth it. Join us for a monstrously good time at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort’s BRICK OR TREAT event in 2023!

3. Chessington Enchanted Hollow

  • When? 7th – 8th, 14th – 30th October
  • Where? Chessington, South West London
  • Price? From £37
chessington halloween event london

At Chessington this October, a delightful Halloween event awaits the whole family, promising a fantastic experience. Visitors can join on select October weekends and during half term to enjoy a range of entertainment suitable for all ages, including twilight rides, Halloween fancy dress competitions, and the exciting addition of a new trick-or-treat experience known as Enchanted Hollow. Missing out on this spooktacular event would be quite a challenge!

Introducing a new attraction for 2023 – Enchanted Hollow! Families can now meet the delightful residents of this underground town, recently discovered at the heart of Chessington World of Adventures. Enchanted Hollow is buzzing with Halloween festivities, featuring various places to explore and friendly animal townsfolk eager to welcome trick-or-treaters. While many are prepared to treat you, some may play mischievous tricks too…

4. Horniman Halloween Fair 2023

  • When? 28 October 2023 11:00AM
  • Where? Horniman Museum, 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London
  • Price? £5
Watching skulls at the Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum and Gardens in London offers a delightfully eerie and educational experience, making it the perfect spooky destination for families seeking a unique Halloween adventure. Here’s how this exceptional museum becomes a thrilling haunt for families during the Halloween season:

  1. Victorian Age Treasures: The museum’s extensive collection of real skulls, skeletons, and stuffed animals from the Victorian era sets the stage for a spine-tingling exploration. These meticulously preserved artefacts offer a glimpse into the scientific curiosity and fascination with the macabre that characterized the Victorian age.
  2. Halloween Atmosphere: As Halloween approaches, the Horniman Museum embraces the spooky spirit of the season. The dimly lit halls and eerie ambience create an otherworldly atmosphere that adds to the thrill of the visit. It’s a place where families can immerse themselves in the mysteries of the past and the supernatural.
  3. Educational Adventures: While the museum’s exhibits may be spine-tingling, they also provide invaluable educational opportunities. Families can delve into the realms of anatomy, zoology, and historical scientific exploration, making learning a captivating and memorable experience.
  4. Enchanting Gardens: The Horniman Gardens surrounding the museum offer a tranquil contrast to the eerie interiors. Here, families can unwind amidst lush greenery, adding a touch of natural beauty to their Halloween adventure.
  5. Themed Halloween Events: To enhance the Halloween experience, the museum often hosts themed events and exhibitions. These events may include spooky storytelling sessions, interactive workshops, and guided tours that delve deeper into the mysteries of the museum’s collections.
  6. Family-Friendly Focus: The Horniman Museum prides itself on being family-friendly, with engaging activities and exhibitions designed to cater to the interests and curiosity of children. It’s a place where both young and old can enjoy the spooky delights while feeling welcomed and included.

In summary, the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London transforms into a captivatingly spooky destination for families during Halloween. Its Victorian-age collections of real skulls, skeletons, and stuffed animals provide a unique and educational adventure into the past, while the Halloween atmosphere adds a thrilling dimension to the visit. It’s a place where families can explore the eerie and the educational, making Halloween an unforgettable experience for all.

5. Guided Marylebone Halloween Walk

  • When? 31 October 2023
  • Where? 55 Baker Street
  • Price? Free
Marylebone halloween walk

Embark on a captivating and spine-tingling journey this Halloween with a free 1-hour walk around the historic neighbourhood of Marylebone. Led by an expert guide, this ghostly hike will introduce you to the intriguing haunts and hidden mysteries that lurk in the heart of Marylebone.

As you wander through the winding streets and historic landmarks, you’ll uncover the rich history and fascinating stories that define this charming area. Your knowledgeable guide will regale you with tales of ghostly encounters, local legends, and the historical significance of Marylebone.

This Halloween walk is not only a thrilling adventure but also an opportunity to deepen your connection with the local community and gain a deeper appreciation for the area’s heritage. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, this guided exploration promises to leave you with a newfound understanding of Marylebone and its enigmatic past. So, join us for a spellbinding journey through the hauntingly beautiful streets of Marylebone this Halloween and let the tales of the past come to life.

6. Jack the Ripper hair-rising walking tour

  • When? Daily
  • Where? Tower Hill
  • Price? £15

Join the legendary Jack the Ripper Walking Tour through East London’s darkest corners. You’ll be investigating the alleyways and dark streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields, visiting the actual locations where the murders happened. The knowledgeable guide will give you a real sense of who the victims were and the poor circumstances that surrounded Whitechapel. It’s a very engaging experience, but keep in mind that you’ll hear lots of facts and stories aimed at an adult audience. – Younger kids are likely to get scared/bored.

7. Halloween Pumpkin Trail in Belgravia

  • When? 23-31 October 2023
  • Where? Belgravia
  • Price? Free (self-guided)
belgravia halloween trail

Get ready to embark on a family-friendly Halloween Pumpkin Trail returning to Belgravia from October 23rd to 31st, 2023. Follow this exciting trail as you seek out a captivating array of spooky Halloween displays that will ignite your imagination.

During your adventure, you’ll encounter a delightful mix of both showstopping pumpkin spectacles and smaller yet equally eye-catching displays. Take a sneak peek at some of last year’s hauntingly creative setups:

  • Marvel at the enchanting Moyses Stevens display on Elizabeth Street.
  • Explore the bewitching Neill Strain exhibit on Motcomb Street.
  • Discover the whimsical pumpkin showcase at Peggy Porschen on Ebury Street.

These are just a few examples of the imaginative displays that await you on the Halloween Pumpkin Trail in Belgravia. It’s the perfect opportunity to embrace the spirit of the season with your family and witness the artistic prowess of the local community. Don’t miss out on this spine-tingling adventure that’s sure to leave you with lasting Halloween memories.

8. Wicked Walks at Lauderdale House

  • When? Tuesday, October 31
  • Where? Lauderdale House
  • Price? From £11
halloween events in london

Prepare for a spine-tingling Halloween adventure as the super spooky Halloween walks return to Lauderdale House! On the eeriest night of the year, you’ll join a cast of eerie characters for a thrilling expedition through the hauntingly beautiful Lauderdale House and the mysterious Waterlow Park.

Children of varying ages can have a ghoulishly good time on this adventure. On average, 5 to 9-year-olds tend to enjoy it the most, but we’ve had little ones who have an absolute blast, and even older children over 9 find plenty of fun in the mix. The only requirement is that all children must be accompanied by an adult.

So, if you’re ready to experience Halloween like never before, gather your courage, and join us for an unforgettable night of spooky fun and adventure at Lauderdale House. It’s an evening that promises both chills and laughter in equal measure.

9. Bring Your Baby Halloween Guided Walk – Temple Inn

  • When? Tuesday, October 31, 11:00 – 14:00 GMT
  • Where? St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street
  • Price? From £22.38
bring your baby halloween walk

The legendary ‘Bring Your Baby’ Halloween Ghost Walk of Fleet Street & The Temple Inns of Court is back! Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll encounter:

  • St. Bride’s Church, tied to Virginia’s founding, ‘American Horror Story,’ a Jack the Ripper victim’s memorial, and secrets of bodies sealed within its walls.
  • The ancient Inner Temple and Middle Temple, including the 12th-century Temple Church with links to satanic rituals and Oliver Goldsmith’s ghost.
  • Enchanting lanes and alleys from Charles Dickens, Harry Potter, and ‘Harlots.’
  • The eerie site of Sweeney Todd’s shop and Mrs. Lovett’s infamous ‘meat’ pies.
  • The grim tale of Elizabeth Brownrigg’s brutal murder.
  • Dr. Johnson’s house and the ghostly ‘Scratching Fanny of Cock Lane.’
  • The lingering spirit of ‘Hanging’ Judge Jefferies in the Temple Inns of Court.

Prepare for a Halloween adventure filled with history, mystery, and the supernatural in the heart of London.

10. Covent Garden Halloween Decorations

  • When? Not announced yet
  • Where? Covent Garden, The Market Building
  • Price? Free to enjoy the decorations

Covent Garden is a cherished destination for Halloween enthusiasts, and there’s plenty of spooky fun to discover in this vibrant district. One of the must-visit attractions during this season is the Halloween Pumpkin Market, located within the iconic Market Building. Here, you’ll be enchanted by a stunning display of pumpkins in various shapes, sizes, and forms. While they might be a tad pricey, they make for fantastic additions to your Halloween décor or perfect subjects for captivating photos.

As you explore Covent Garden, you’ll find that the cafes and restaurants in the area are also getting into the Halloween spirit. They offer a range of spooky specials that are sure to tickle your taste buds and satisfy your Halloween cravings. From creepy cocktails that bubble and smoke to ghoulish foodie delights that delight both the eye and the palate, the culinary offerings here are designed to enhance your Halloween experience.

So, whether you’re in the mood for some pumpkin shopping, want to capture the essence of Halloween in captivating photos, or are eager to indulge in spooky-themed treats and beverages, Covent Garden is the place to be. It’s a hub of Halloween excitement that seamlessly combines tradition with a dash of eerie elegance, making it an ideal spot for revelling in the spirit of the season.

11. Take the London Ghost Bus Tour

  • When? Every evening
  • Where? 8 Northumberland Avenue, London
  • Price? From £25
the ghost bus tour

In search of an extraordinary dose of scares and spine-tingling tales during this half term in London? Look no further than the spine-chilling Haunted London Bus Tour, a hair-raising adventure that promises to send shivers down your spine. Step aboard a vintage 1960s Routemaster double-decker bus for a journey into the eerie heart of London, where the city’s most haunted locales await.

As you embark on this chilling 1 hour and 15-minute tour, you’ll find yourself seated on this iconic bus, and seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so early arrival is recommended. Your nerve-wracking expedition begins at the starting point, conveniently located at 8 Northumberland Avenue. Each evening, around 19:30, the tour departs, offering you the perfect opportunity to embrace the darkness and delve into the ghostly history of London’s most iconic landmarks.

Prepare to be enthralled and spooked as you hear eerie tales of the Tower of London, witness the spectral mysteries of Westminster Abbey, and uncover the haunting secrets of St Paul’s Cathedral. With every twist and turn of the bus, you’ll find yourself drawn deeper into the supernatural history of this ancient city.

This Haunted London Bus Tour is not for the faint-hearted; it’s a thrilling journey that promises to leave you with lasting memories and perhaps a few goosebumps along the way. So, gather your courage, secure your seat, and prepare for an unforgettable night of ghostly encounters in the heart of London.

12. London Dungeon Bloodcurdling Halloween events

  • When? 15 – 31 October 2023
  • Where? London Waterloo
  • Price? From £29.50
london dungeon

Embark on an unforgettable Halloween adventure at the London Dungeon, where fear takes centre stage in one of London’s most spine-tingling experiences. The London Dungeon masterfully combines a captivating ensemble of theatrical actors, state-of-the-art special effects, meticulously crafted stages, immersive scenes, and thrilling rides. It’s an immersive journey through the darkest corners of London’s history.

However, a word of caution: the live shows featuring notorious figures like Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper venture into the realm of truly spine-chilling. These performances might prove a bit too intense for younger children, but they are precisely what teenagers seeking an adrenaline-pumping thrill crave.

For teenagers and those brave enough to face the frights, the London Dungeon promises an unforgettable Halloween experience that delves into the macabre and mysterious chapters of London’s past. So, prepare to be captivated, startled, and thrilled as you journey through this eerie attraction, where history and horror converge for a hauntingly good time.

13. “Wicked” the Musical – Enjoy a Witchy night this Half Term

  • When? Tuesday-Saturdan 7:30 PM, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 2:30 PM
  • Where? The Apollo Victoria Theatre
  • Price? From £25
wicked musical show

Prepare for a delightfully eerie Halloween evening in London’s vibrant West End by immersing yourself in the enchanting world of the celebrated musical “Wicked.” While it promises a spooky atmosphere, rest assured it’s not the kind of show that will leave the kids with nightmares. “Wicked” weaves a captivating tale centred around two iconic witches, Elphaba (the infamous Wicked Witch of the West) and Galinda (who later adopts the name Glinda the Good). Their complex relationship unfolds against a backdrop of differing personalities and contrasting worldviews.

This musical extravaganza is recommended for those aged 7 and above, ensuring that older children and adults alike can enjoy its magical storytelling. It’s worth noting that children under 3 years old are not permitted to attend the show, and individuals aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult, with no option to sit separately. So, gather your family and friends for an enchanting Halloween night at “Wicked,” where the magic and mystery of Oz come to life on stage, promising a memorable and spine-tingling experience for all.

14. Holiday Explorers: The Haunted Manor

  • When? 24-25 October
  • Where? Charlton House, Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Price? £5 per child aged 5-12
Halloween for kids in London

Experience a Spooky Encounter at Charlton House & Gardens! With centuries of history, it’s no wonder some former residents have decided to linger. This Halloween, immerse yourself in the eerie tales of the House and who knows, you might just catch a glimpse of a ghost!

Over the years, the house has accumulated a rich history, with former residents leaving behind an eerie legacy. The most chilling tale centres on the Grey Lady, a ghostly figure often seen cradling what appears to be a newborn.

Charlton House’s staff has reported strange occurrences, such as belongings mysteriously moving to different areas. The attic exudes an eerie atmosphere, while the cellars are so daunting that many refuse to enter.

During restoration work, a shocking discovery was made—a baby’s body concealed in an old fireplace, possibly to avoid scandal. Another tragic story involves a young chimney sweep who met a grim fate.

Some believe the spirit of Sir William still roams, haunted by his childless life.

Admission is £5 per child aged 5-12, and every young explorer must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Don’t wait to secure your spot as this event is likely to get sold out quickly.

15. London Zoo Halloween Events for Kids in London

  • When? 21-29 October 2023
  • Where? London Zoo, Regent’s Park
  • Price? From £33
halloween london zoo

This October half-term Halloween is descending on ZSL London Zoo, promising a week of frightful fun – enchanting little monsters with an array of boo-rilliant activities. Little ones can journey through an avenue of ghoulish gourds and hair-raising haystacks to take the perfect Halloween family picture at the Pumpkin Patch, before listening to spooky stories on how nature bites back at Halloween-themed animal talks.

16. Visit the spine-tingling Tower of London

  • When? 21-29 October 2023
  • Where? Hampton Court Palace
  • Price? From £33.60
tower of london halloween

This October half term, embark on a historical quest at the Tower. With a millennium of history within its walls, can you spot the ghosts of the past this Halloween?

As you explore, you might glimpse a ghostly figure on the stairs or the spectral presence of a Tudor gown swishing by a doorway. Seek out a medieval queen on an ancient throne, a Roman soldier by the London Wall remnants, or the Wizard Earl brewing potions in his apothecary.

In the shadow of the White Tower, a ruined garden hints at a lost palace, its gnarled roots and decaying walls concealing lingering spirits.

This is a family-friendly adventure meant to be spooky, not terrifying. Pick up a trail upon arrival and keep count of the ghosts you encounter during your visit. And remember, while you may see them, they won’t see you…


17. Halloween at Hampton Court Palace

  • When? 21-29 October 2023
  • Where? Hampton Court Palace
  • Price? From £26.30
hampton court palace for kids

Experience Halloween 2023 at Hampton Court, Henry VIII’s famously haunted palace. This October, immerse yourself in a spooky transformation with eerie projections and unsettling soundscapes that will send shivers down your spine. While wandering the dimly lit corridors and courtyards, you’ll sense the ghostly presence of infamous spirits lurking nearby. But remember, it’s best to keep your distance from these spectral residents.

In addition to the haunting atmosphere, the palace has been taken over by witches and alchemists. Visit the Gallery of the Damned to witness portraits come to life or join a spine-tingling séance in the Council Chamber, where voices from beyond the grave may echo.

Venture beyond the Haunted Garden to discover intricately carved pumpkins. After your haunting exploration, cosy up for spooky stories and savour Halloween-themed treats at the café. Hampton Court offers a chillingly delightful Halloween experience you won’t forget.


18. Boogie Monsters Haunted Halloween Party

  • When? Friday 27 October – Doors open 10.30 am, music from 10.45 am – 11.45 am
  • Where? Boxpark Croyden
  • Price? From £10
haunted halloween party croyden

Indulge in some Halloween fun and let the award-winning Boogie Monsters crew enchant you and your little ones at this spooktacular Haunted Halloween family gig!

Step onto the dance floor for a spine-tingling musical ‘monster mash’ featuring a mix of current chart-toppers and classic hits. Our talented musicians will bring these tunes to life with colourful props, bubbles, dance moves, and more!

This live ‘unplugged’ performance captures all the excitement of our pop and rock band in an energetic acoustic ensemble. With professional musicians wielding real instruments, they promise to ignite a lifelong passion for live music in your little monsters.

And don’t forget to dress up in your finest Halloween attire – it’s optional but highly encouraged! Let’s get into the spooky spirit together!

19. Discover the Dark Arts – Warner Bros Studio Tour

  • When? 15 September-5 November 2023
  • Where? Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Leavesden
  • Price? From £12.50
Halloween events for kids

Due to popular demand, Dark Arts is back at the Studio Tour in 2023, transforming iconic Harry Potter sets into a spooky Halloween spectacle. Here’s what you can expect:

Step into the Great Hall with floating pumpkins, just like in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.”

Hunt for the Dark Mark symbol throughout the tour with your Studio Tour passport.

Watch Death Eaters in authentic costumes and join an interactive wand combat display led by Paul Harris, the Wand Choreographer from the films

20. The Moonwitch Halloween Event at Tumblesone Hollow

  • When? 18-29 October 2023
  • Where? Stonor Park
  • Price? From £12.50
halloween adventure event

Looking for a witchy Halloween event this half term? Tumblestone Hollow is inspired by the magical history of Stonor Park, one of Britain’s oldest family-owned stately homes. Nestled in the woods with stunning views of the surrounding Chilterns countryside, it’s a very special place to play. You can even see red kites swooping overhead! There’s no age limit, although the adventure is aimed at kids aged 4-12. Luckily there’s sand and water play for small kids and it’s challenging enough for older kids too. You get a 3-hour play slot, with a coloured wristband to go freely between the toilets eateries and the playground during your time slot.


21. Halloween Half Term Fun at Hever Castle

  • When? 21-29 October 2023
  • Where? Hever Castle
  • Price? From £18
kids dressed for halloween

Give your youngsters an unforgettable and spine-tingling experience this half-term by bringing them to the enchanting Hever Castle. As you step onto the castle grounds, you’ll want to dress your little ones in their most ghoulish and creative Halloween outfits, setting the stage for an adventure filled with chills and thrills.

While at Hever Castle, prepare to be immersed in a world of Halloween wonderment. Traditional ghost stories will be whispered, sending shivers down spines, and Halloween decorations will adorn the grounds, creating an atmosphere of eerie enchantment.

To add an extra layer of excitement, families can embark on a scavenger hunt through various garden zones, each with its own thematic twist, including witches, spiders, skeletons, and bats. The goal: discover letters scattered throughout these zones to piece together a mysterious word. Successfully solving the riddle will earn your little ones a small but delightful prize.

But that’s not all. Skilled teachers will be on hand to provide a mix of delights and frights. Don’t be surprised if your children encounter a few playful vampire bites along the way, all in the spirit of Halloween merriment.

And for a unique and protective twist, you can plant garlic bulbs during your visit. This age-old tradition is said to ward off any stray vampires that may be lurking nearby, ensuring a safe and spooktacular time for all.


22. Halloween Half-Term Event at Eltham Palace

  • When? 12-20 October 2023
  • Where? Eltham Palace and Gardens
  • Price? From £16

Prepare to be enchanted as you step into the enchanting world of Eltham Palace in London this Halloween. This bewitching event invites you to dust off your broomsticks and embark on a day of magical adventure. As you enter the historic grounds, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an air of mystique and anticipation. Gather with fellow thrill-seekers and immerse yourself in tales spun by our expert spooky storytellers. These chilling narratives will transport you to realms where the line between the living and the supernatural blurs.


23. Spooky Evening at the Tower

  • When? 25, 26 October and 01, 02 November
  • Where? Tower of London
  • Price? £15 (only for members of Historic Royal Palaces)
Tower of London Beefeater

A chilling Tower of London Halloween tour exclusively for Historic Royal Palaces Members! A Yeoman Warder will lead you through the eerie shadows, revealing mysterious tales and unexplained events within this historic royal palace and fortress.

This outdoor tour requires appropriate clothing and footwear. Please note that it’s not suitable for children under 12 years old.

Tickets go on sale September 5th at 11 am, priced at £15.00.

Meet at the West Gate at 6:45 pm for a punctual 7:00 pm start. All attendees must have a valid membership at the event. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

24. Marble Hill Halloween Trail

  • When? Mon 23 – Tue 31 October 2023 
  • Where? Marble Hill
  • Price? From £16

As the leaves begin their vibrant transformation, the gardens at Marble Hill take on a breathtaking aura. This time of year provides a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the estate while also embracing the spooky spirit of the season.

What sets this experience apart is the thoughtful addition of decorations sourced from the onsite nursery. These carefully chosen embellishments enhance the Halloween Trail, creating an atmosphere that is both enchanting and spine-tingling. Picture yourself wandering through the garden pathways adorned with ghostly figures, eerie lighting, and other thematic decorations. It’s an immersive journey into the world of Halloween.

25. Halloween Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

  • When? 21- 31 October 2023 
  • Where? Victoria Station or Trafalgar Sq
  • Price? £45
halloween afternoon tea london

As the leaves begin their vibrant transformation, the gardens at Marble Hill take on a breathtaking aura. This time of year provides a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the estate while also embracing the spooky spirit of the season.

What sets this experience apart is the thoughtful addition of decorations sourced from the onsite nursery. These carefully chosen embellishments enhance the Halloween Trail, creating an atmosphere that is both enchanting and spine-tingling. Picture yourself wandering through the garden pathways adorned with ghostly figures, eerie lighting, and other thematic decorations. It’s an immersive journey into the world of Halloween.

26. Try Lola’s Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

  • When? 24- 31 October 2023 
  • Where? Various locations around London
  • Price? £21.30 for a box of 5
Halloween Cupcakes London

At Lola’s Cupcakes in London, you’ll discover a tantalizing range of Halloween-themed cupcakes. From the Wicked Witch Cupcake with its green witch hat icing to the Haunted Graveyard Cupcake adorned with chocolate tombstones, each creation is a delectable work of edible art. These cupcakes not only capture the spooky essence of Halloween but also offer a flavorful experience that’s perfect for indulging in the spirit of the season. Whether you’re drawn to the vampire-inspired bite cupcake or the intricate spider web design, Lola’s Cupcakes has something eerie and delightful for every palate.

27. Hyde Park: Spooky Season: Half Term Fun!

  • When? 24 – 26 October, 11 am – 3.30 pm
  • Where? Hyde Park Learning Hyde Park, W Carriage Dr, London W2 2UH
  • Price? Free

Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween event at Hyde Park that’s not to be missed! Join us for a chillingly fun time with a wide array of eerie activities, and the best part? They’re all absolutely free! From hunting for creepy crawlies and diving into the world of bats to creating Halloween crafts and being captivated by spine-tingling storytelling, there’s something here for everyone.

The Discovery Days event is held at the Hyde Park Learning Centre. From the 24th to the 26th of October, drop in anytime between 11 am and 3:30 pm to immerse yourself in a world of free, spine-tingling Halloween-themed activities, including:

🕷️ Delve into the mysterious ‘feely boxes’ within the Witches’ Den.
🌿 Embark on a hair-raising nature trail, uncovering fascinating facts along the way.
🦇 Learn all about the fascinating bats residing in The Royal Parks.
📖 Brace yourself for a spine-chilling, spooky story that will send shivers down your spine!

But wait, there’s more! Dressing up is not only allowed, it’s heartily encouraged. So, why not embrace the spirit of Halloween and come adorned as a ghoulish ghost or a wicked witch? Get ready for a hauntingly good time at Hyde Park’s Halloween extravaganza!

28. Halloween trail: The Tale of the Monster Hunter

  • When? 14 – 29 October, 10 am-5 pm
  • Where? Osterley Park & House, Jersey Rd, Isleworth TW7 4RB
  • Price? £2
trail map

Join the epic adventure as the King tasks the fearless Monster Hunter with a seemingly daunting mission – capturing the menacing monsters lurking within the mysterious woods. But, are these creatures truly as terrifying as they seem? Embark on this thrilling journey and unravel the secrets of the Monster Hunter’s quest!

Venture into the enchanting world of the Monster Hunter with our exciting family trail. Featuring a delightful array of 8 captivating activities and two thrilling game stations, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the wonders of nature in the Gardens this Autumn.

The trail is open from October 14th to October 29th, between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm. Don’t miss out on the excitement!

Participation in this thrilling adventure is only £2 per trail, and there’s a charming small prize awaiting those who complete it successfully. Please note that card payments are the preferred method of payment at the Kiosk. And remember, normal admission fees still apply.

Prepare to be amazed as you follow the trail and delve into the Tale of the Monster Hunter – an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

29. Ride the Halloween Ghost Train

  • When? 25- 28 October 2023 
  • Where? Epping Ongar Railway, Ongar Station, Station Approach, Ongar, Essex, CM5 9BN
  • Price? Not announced yet
halloween ghost train epping

This Halloween, both thrill seekers and lovers of the eerie can experience the scare of a lifetime aboard a full-size ghost train located just beyond the outskirts of London. The train, adorned with spine-chilling decorations, will traverse the route from Ongar Railway station in Essex to North Weald, following the old Central Line track that lay dormant since 1994. As you arrive in ‘North Weird,’ a transformed version of North Weald, prepare to encounter owls, a talented face painter, captivating storytelling, a spirited disco, and a selection of refreshments to complete your spooky adventure. Also, check out our overview of 25 Halloween train rides across the UK.

30. Organise a spine-chilling Trick or Treat night in London

  • When? 31 October 2023 
  • Where? Your local area
  • Price? Free

While there’s a wide range of Halloween events for kids in London, nothing beats a good old spookalicious Trick or Treat night out in your local streets! If you’re new to celebrating Halloween in London, we’ve put together a few tips for how to get organised and plan the perfect Trick or Treat night this half-term.

trick or treat in london

Is Trick or Treating popular in London?

Absolutely! People go trick & treat all over London on Halloween night, so gather your friends, get your costumes on, get a bucket and start knocking!

Where can I go Trick or Treating in London?

The best place to go trick & treating is in your local community! Don’t trust dated advice on the internet saying the best place to go Trick and treating in London is St Johns Wood or specific areas of West London because of all the Americans living there. That might have been true 20 years ago, but these days trick or treat has become a mainstream activity happening across the city in all neighbourhoods.

How do I join a Trick or Treat group in London?

Parents in London usually organise the big Halloween night over informal WhatsApp chat groups and go from house to house in the local community or in their own apartment buildings. If you’re visiting London on Halloween night and want to go trick or treating in the capital, you can of course choose any area. Residential streets in areas such as Richmond and Greenwich should be safe picks.

What’s the best costume for Trick or Treat in London?

Anything goes when it comes to costumes, but if you need some inspiration, check out our list of Top 10 Halloween Costumes. Keep in mind the weather: It’s usually cold end of October in London, so you need either a jacket or a big jumper. Children often get disappointed when they realize their precious costumes will be completely covered by outerwear, so think of ways to combine staying warm and looking scary! 

Trick or Treat etiquette to keep in mind

1. Go to houses that have been decorated

It’s a good idea to only go to houses that have been decorated. Check our post on free Halloween bunting for decoration ideas. For a stress-free evening, you can also pre-plan your spooky escapades and drop in only at the homes of friends or family who expect you. The one knock rule – we know it’s not a written rule, but if someone fails to answer the door after one knock, move on to the next haunted house.

2. Always be polite

If the old neighbour is handing out apples instead of Haribo Supermix, teach little ones to resist rolling their eyes instead of being polite. By the same token, if someone (dares to!) say ‘trick’, plan a respectful trick in good humour – no eggs thrown at windows! Halloween is about having fun, so let’s keep it that way.

3. Don’t be (too) greedy

Nobody likes a greedy witch! It can be tempting to grab all your favourite treats (and who wouldn’t want to make a play for all the jelly beans if given half the chance?) but encourage little ones to take just one item from each house’s Halloween reserve so there is plenty to go around.

4. Show off your Halloween costume!

Dressing up is half the fun. If you’re asked whom you’re dressed as go ahead and say! Even if you’re the 10th Spiderman or Skeleton, they’ve seen that night.

Top 10 most haunted places to visit in London for Halloween

Not into the modern version of Halloween? If you want to experience real thrills and chills in London for Halloween, you might want to visit some of the most haunted places in the city. London has a long and dark history, full of gruesome stories and ghostly sightings. From ancient churches and castles to eerie parks and museums, there are plenty of spooky spots to explore. Here are some of the most haunted places in London that will scare the crap out of you (for real).

  1. Westminster Abbey
    Westminster Abbey is one of the most important religious buildings in London, and the coronation and burial place of many British monarchs. But this Gothic church also has a sinister side, as it is home to several ghosts and apparitions. Some of the spirits that haunt Westminster Abbey are John Bradshaw, the judge who sentenced Charles I to death, a Benedictine monk named Father Benedictus, and a mysterious figure that roams the cloisters at night. Some visitors have also reported seeing a marble statue of Daniel Pulteney turning the pages of a book.
  2. Tower of London
    The Tower of London is one of the most famous landmarks in London, but also one of the most haunted. This medieval fortress was used as a prison and a place of execution for many centuries and witnessed countless atrocities and murders. Some of the ghosts that haunt the Tower of London are Guy Fawkes, who plotted to blow up the Parliament, Lady Jane Grey, who was beheaded for treason, Henry VI, who was stabbed to death, and Anne Boleyn, who was decapitated by order of her husband Henry VIII. Some people have seen Anne Boleyn walking with her head under her arm or heard her screams echoing in the chapel.
  3. Hyde Park
    Hyde Park is a popular green space in London, where people enjoy walking, picnicking, and boating. But behind the peaceful scenery lies a creepy secret: a pet cemetery with more than 300 graves. The cemetery dates back to the 1880s and contains the remains of dogs, cats, birds, and even monkeys. The cemetery is rarely open to the public, but some people have claimed to see ghostly animals roaming around the park, especially near Tyburn, where thousands of people were executed over the centuries.
  4. The Parkland Walk
    The Parkland Walk is a scenic route that runs between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace, along an abandoned railway line. The walk is surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife but also has a spooky atmosphere. One of the most frightening sights along the walk is a huge sculpture of a spriggan, a mythical creature that guards hidden treasures. The spriggan lurks under a disused railway arch, and some people have reported feeling its menacing presence or hearing its growls.
  5. Bruce Castle Museum
    Bruce Castle Museum is a historic house in Tottenham that dates back to the sixteenth century. The museum displays various exhibits related to local history and art, but also hides some dark secrets. One of the most tragic stories is that of Lady Constantia Lucy, who committed suicide by jumping off the balcony with her child in her arms. Her ghost is said to haunt the museum, especially on November nights, when she can be seen staring out of the window or wandering around the rooms.
  6. Old Operating Theatre Museum
    The Old Operating Theatre Museum is one of the most unusual and gruesome museums in London. It is located in the attic of an old church near London Bridge and displays various instruments and artefacts related to surgery and medicine in the nineteenth century. The museum also preserves an original operating theatre where patients were operated on without anaesthesia or antiseptics. The screams and moans of these patients can still be heard in the museum, as well as the footsteps and voices of ghostly surgeons and nurses.
  7. Highgate Cemetery
    Highgate Cemetery is one of the most famous cemeteries in London, and also one of the most haunted. The cemetery is divided into two sections: the East Cemetery, where famous people like Karl Marx are buried, and the West Cemetery, which is older and more Gothic. The West Cemetery is only accessible by guided tours and contains some eerie sights like catacombs, Egyptian tombs, and overgrown graves. The cemetery is also haunted by various ghosts, such as a shrouded figure that glides among the tombs, a mad old woman who searches for her children, and a vampire that lurks in the darkness.
  8. 50 Berkeley Square
    50 Berkeley Square is a Georgian townhouse in Mayfair that has a reputation for being the most haunted house in London. The house was once occupied by George Canning, a prime minister who died in office, and later by Thomas Myers, a recluse who became obsessed with his lost fiancée. The house is said to be haunted by several ghosts, such as a young woman who threw herself out of the window, a servant girl who was killed by a lover, and a monstrous creature that dwells in the attic. The house is now a bookstore, but the upper floors are off-limits to visitors.
  9. The Spaniards Inn
    The Spaniards Inn is a historic pub in Hampstead that dates back to the sixteenth century. The pub is famous for its literary connections, as it was frequented by writers like Charles Dickens, Bram Stoker, and John Keats. The pub is also notorious for its paranormal activity, as it is haunted by several ghosts. Some of the spirits that haunt the Spaniards Inn are Dick Turpin, a highwayman who was hanged for his crimes, a Spanish lady who died of a broken heart, and a phantom coach that drives past the pub at night.
  10. Sutton House and Breaker’s Yard
    Sutton House and Breaker’s Yard is a Tudor mansion in Hackney that is now a museum run by the National Trust. The house was built in 1535 by Sir Ralph Sadleir, a courtier of Henry VIII, and has been used as a school, a church, and a squat over the years. The house is haunted by several ghosts, such as the White Lady, who appears in the linenfold panelled room, a howling dog, who warns of impending death, and a woman in blue, who wanders around the garden. The Breaker’s Yard is an outdoor space that features various sculptures and installations made from recycled materials.

Have a fang-tastic Halloween in London!

Halloween events in London for kids

What’s your best experience celebrating Halloween in London? Let us know in the comments!



Emma September 21, 2022 - 3:29 pm

My family of four (2 adults and 2 children aged 15 and 12) took the Ghost Bus Tour in London in the October half term 2021. We all loved it, great staff and fun without being too scary. Would recommend.

LondonDucklings September 27, 2022 - 9:47 am

Cool, sounds like the ghost bus tour is a winner for teenagers!

John September 23, 2022 - 9:27 am

Decided to come to London with the kids for Halloween last year and arrived in time to only do one thing – we chose the London Dungeon as, despite having been to the capital many times in the past, we had never been to the LD. We were not disappointed; the rooms made you feel like you were in the various scenarios of history, and the ambience was amazingly spooky. The actors were awesome (we particularly liked the witch and the plague show). The perfect warm-up for Halloween night!

LondonDucklings September 27, 2022 - 9:46 am

Thanks for sharing John, glad you had a good time!

Chrissy September 25, 2022 - 11:45 am

We did the Jack the Ripper tour our last Halloween in London, which was a perfect way to end our trip! The projector pictures were a great addition to a very informative and fascinating tour. Amy was very animated and a delight to listen to and watch. Thanks for a lovely send-off! (p.s. we had a 9 and 16-year-old with us, they were both ok, but the 9-year-old is a pretty mature child, maybe not for easily frightened kids under 13?)

LondonDucklings September 27, 2022 - 9:46 am

Yeah, totally agree with you Chrissy. We kept the age recommendation to 12+ for this one…

Corrie September 27, 2022 - 9:37 am

Attended the afternoon matinee of Wicked with 3 kids ages 6 to 10. We loved the show, although it was a little above the kids’ heads sometimes. . Would recommend going; the experience was well worth the money. The only disappointing aspect was the waiting time, in a crowded entry to the theatre waiting to take our seats. Snacks are very overpriced ( but no surprise there).

LondonDucklings September 27, 2022 - 9:45 am

Thanks for sharing Corrie, sounds like you guys had a great evening!

George October 24, 2022 - 8:14 am

There’s a Halloween trail in the woods of Marble Hill House – free to join, no booking required 🎃

LondonDucklings October 24, 2022 - 8:17 am

That’s great George, thanks for sharing!

Joanna September 4, 2023 - 3:36 pm

Is the Halloween event at Horniman Museum confirmed yet? I could not find any info on their website…


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