A Collection of Unique NFT London Photos

A unique collection of NFT London photos taken during a very special weather condition, making the photos resemble the black and white vintage photographs from the great smog in the 1950s.

Our London NFT collection

The first collection we are launching focuses on London NFTs, featuring the rare few moments during winter when London gets covered in fog. Suddenly, London resembles the old vintage photos from back in the days when the air was constantly polluted, primarily by coal, causing a thick smog that could cover the city for days.

What are NFTs?

If you’re new to NFTs, think of it as a more accessible and safer way to buy and sell the rights to a digital asset. And just like a painting, you can invest in a digital photo to support the artist, hang it on the wall or see it as an investment that will grow in value over time. When you invest in one of our NFTs, you become the sole owner of the digital file (you get the full resolution original file) and can trade the photo through digital marketplaces.

Fog on the Thames

Luckily, there is no more smog in London, but a few times per year, the air around the Thames becomes incredibly misty. This weather condition is caused by the warm air from daytime cooling down during the night condensing into thick fog sticking to low-laying areas and river valleys. Your best chance of experiencing this beautiful thick fog along the Thames is in transition seasons like spring and autumn when the temperature difference is the biggest between day and night.

Living right next to the Thames, we are well-positioned to bring out the camera to document how the fog transforms London, capturing how the urban landscape changes from one moment to the other. The foggy moments usually only last for an hour or so in the morning before the sun clears up the misty air. Check out our Opensea.io collection if you’re interested in becoming the owner of one of these unique foggy moments in time.

Foggy Moments NFT Gallery:

“I’ve always been fascinated by the classic black & white photos from the Great Smog of London in 1952. A few times per year Central London is covered by fog from the Thames, and for 10 years I’ve rushed out with my camera to try to take advantage of these precious foggy moments. Capturing a glimpse of what previous generations of Londoners might have felt when the smog crept up through the streets.”

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Our NFT London gallery

Some of our photos available as NFTs:

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