Things to do in London with Kids this Weekend

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Things to do in London with Kids this Weekend

With most museums, playgrounds and animal attractions open, there are more and more things to do in London with kids again. Here’s an updated list of suggestions to do this weekend:

Note: Following the latest COVID restrictions taking effect on 5 November 2020, museums and galleries in the UK were ordered to close. We will update this article once a decision has been made to reopen. Always refer to government guidelines making sure you are updated on the latest COVID-guidelines in your local area.

Halloween & Half-Term Activities for Kids in London 2020

WHERE’S WALLY? 75 museums across the UK are offering families to search for Wally this year including Horniman, Museum of Docklands, V& A Museum and The Postal Museum.  If you’re visiting any of these museums, make sure to pick up an activity sheet at the entrance and let the hunt begin! free (standard admission), 1  Oct – 1 Nov

GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS: And creepy stories! Visit a former royal residence with a VERY spooky reputation! Join the ghost trail at Hampton Court Palace, £24.50/£12.20 (standard admission), book ahead, 24 Oct – 1 Nov

SPOOKY MUSEUM SEARCH: Look out for Nannie the Witch on board the ship and beware of the ghosts seen wandering around the Queen’s House. Cutty Sark, £15/£7.50 (regular admission price), book ahead, 24 Oct – 1 Nov

DRIVE-IN CINEMA: Take the kids and see films like Jurrasic Park and Spiderman at the Alexandra Palace’s drive-in cinema during half-term. Alexandra Palace, £29.50 per vehicle, book ahead, 19 Oct – 31 Oct

ROYAL MEWS ARTS & CRAFTS: In addition to the art & craft activities there will be family themed talks plus activity sheets and challenges to take part in. Royal Mews, £13/£7.50 (regular admission price), book ahead, 29 and 30 Oct

ICE-SKATING: Kick off the ice-skating season with this classic London activity. The ice-rink at Ally Pally opened on October 1st perfect for family fun, just remember face-masks! Alexandra Palace, £9/£6, book ahead, from 1 Oct

BECOME A SECRET AGENT: Get your kids involved in a mystery at the museum where they can take part in a top-secret interactive mission. Museum of London, free (normal admission), book ahead, 19 Oct – 3 Nov

STORYTELLING: Workshops and storytelling sessions for ages 5–12 and their families, both online and at the theatre including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest and Macbeth. Shakespeare’s Globe, £15, book ahead, 27 Oct – 31 Oct

THE DUNGEON: Delve into the dark history of why scarecrows were first invented – but keep your wits about you, as not every scarecrow is what they appear. London Dungeon, £30/£24, book ahead, 3 – 31 Oct


Things to do in London with kids

Museums & Exhibitions

BRONZE AGE HOARD: Explore the mystery of the largest ever Bronze Age hoard discovered in London in this major exhibition. Weapons including axe heads, spearheads, fragments of swords, daggers and knives, alongside some other unusual objects rarely found in the UK. Museum of London, Free, book ahead, until 18 April 2021

PERMIAN MONSTERS: 252 million years ago life on Earth was dominated by extraordinary creatures – Permian monsters. On display will be scary-looking fossil skeletons as well as full-size models and animations that bring the Permian creatures back to life. Horniman Museum, £9/£5, book ahead, until 3 January 2021

ANDY’S CLOCK: Waistcoat. Check. Gizmo. Check. Hat. Check. And don’t forget Hattie’s Backpack incl. a chicken sandwich. Take me to the time of the dinosaurs! See the clock from the CBeebies shows Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures and Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures. Natural History Museum, free, book ahead

HANDS-ON MARITIME OBJECTS: Participate in different creative family activities inspired by maritime objects. Each week a different artist will take your family on a journey into the Museum’s collection. National Maritime Museum, Free, book ahead, Sundays 11am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm

ARCTIC CULTURE: This exhibition tells the powerful story of respectful relationships with icy worlds and how Arctic Peoples have harnessed the weather and climate to thrive. British Museum, £18/under 16 free, book ahead, 22 October – 21 February 2021

INTERACTIVE SCIENCE: Wonderlab is a permanent exhibition that will ignite your children’s curiosity in science and fuel their imagination to see the world around them in new and exciting ways. Science Museum, £10/£8 (annual pass included), book ahead, 10am-6pm Wednesday to Sunday

Animal Attractions

FARM ANIMAL FEEDING: Visit one of London’s amazing free city-farms this weekend! Mudchute Farm is partially open, and you can experience them being fed during mornings and evenings. Mudchute Park & Farm, free, just turn up, 9AM and 3PM

SEE THE COTTON TOP TAMARINS: These stunning little monkeys are listed as ‘critically endangered’ by the International Union for Conservation of Species (IUCN) with as few at 2,000 adult cotton tops remaining in their native habitat in north-west Columbia. Zoos are helping to save the species. Battersea Children’s Zoo, £9.95/£7.95, book ahead, 10am – 5.30pm


Regents Park 1 of 1 2 e1591616507501
London Zoo has reopened, but remember to book tickets online in advance.

BABY SLOTHS TRUFFLE AND MARILYN: Visit the only living rainforest in the city – a lush, tropical paradise, heated to 28C all year round. Here you’ll find baby sloths Truffle and Marilyn born in September 2021 together with their parents, titi monkeys, tree anteaters, emperor tamarin monkeys and red-footed tortoises. London Zoo, £30/£20, book ahead, 10am – 4pm every day

SPOT A MARSH HARRIER: Bring your binoculars and take a trip to East London’s ancient marshland. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is responsible for the marshes and has done an amazing job making the reserve accessible for everyone including families with young children. Rainham Marshes, £6/£3, just turn up, 9.30am – 5pm Thursday to Sunday


rainnham marshes 6
One of the hides in East London’s Rainham Marshes

ADORABLE RARE DUCKS: Some of the most interesting species to be viewed at the London Wetland Centre include ring-necked parakeets, sand martins, great bitterns, kingfishers and great crested grebes. Each winter you will see flocks of wigeon, gadwall and shovelor. London Wetland Centre, £13/£8, book ahead, 9.30am – 4.30am

LONDON’S FAMOUS DEER: During the autumn the deer ‘rut’ (breeding season) takes place. The Red stags and Fallow bucks compete for females (known as hinds and does respectively). At this time, the large males roar, bark and clash antlers in an attempt to fight off rivals and attract as many females as possible. Always keep a minimum of 50 metres away from the animals and use a long lens. Richmond Park, free, just turn up, 7am – 6.30pm

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