Fabulous London Markets

by LondonDucklings

London markets have a long history and a very special place in the hearts of London residents. Many of these markets have been around in one form or another for 500 years or even longer, serving the needs of the local population in the days before Tesco and Sainsbury’s came along with their over-packaged and mundane stock.

Wandering through a street market, listening to the vendors tout their wares is a very primal experience for many people; the sights smells and sounds really put you in touch with the goods and the people who supply them.

London street markets are sometimes fabulous and world-famous. Portobello Road Market is renowned as an amazing place for antiques and collectables, and if antiques are what you seek, Camden Passage is another world-class venue for your perusal.

Spitalfields Market is quite upscale and glam these days, as is Leadenhall Market; a Victorian confection whose architecture is as fantastic as its shops.

Camden Markets carry an astonishing array of goods and are well known for their alternative fashion. Cabbages and Frocks Market is much smaller but carries a delightful selection of top quality goods. Greenwich Market is another place that carefully vets their vendors to make sure the goods are handmade and unique. Is food your passion Borough Market is a foodie’s dream come true.

Gardeners and flower lovers will want to check out the fragrant Columbia Road Flower MarketBrick Lane Market is in the heart of London’s Banglatown and is a great place to rummage for bargains and eat curry.

There are also markets in London that might seem a bit less glamorous. These are not what you would consider tourist markets; they are real working markets carrying the kind of goods the local population needs. Petticoat Lane Market falls into this category; despite its fame, it remains an affordable local standby. Berwick Street Market in Soho is another such neighbourhood market, as is East Street Market in Walworth.

London street markets truly offer something for everyone.

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