Indoor Activities for Kids at Home

Check our tips for how to activate your kids in fun indoor activities, ranging from the best online games to old school board games. Get inspired to test out a few new kids activities that you haven’t tried yet!

Indoor activities for kids

Baking is a nice way to engage kids in meaningful indoor activities, but be prepared for things to get messy!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, start with our post 100+ Activities for Kids Bored at Home. Also, check our list of favourite Online Games and Apps which we think are both entertaining AND educational. Avoiding screen-time is not always easy, but activities like Quizzes and Board Games can really bring the family together in the evenings.  If you’re planning your next travel destination, check out our list of the best TV-travel shows for families, or get inspired by these amazing Childen’s Atlases.

indoor activities using laptop to play ganes

If you need inspiration, check our list of 100+ activities for kids.

Finding a good mix of indoor activities

indoor activities for kids

Get a chemistry kit and start testing out some cool experiments at home!

We always try to find a good mix of indoor activities for our children, which include online as well as “offline” activities like reading our favourite Nordic Children’s Books and listening to Audiobooks. In terms of screen-time, we have curated our favourite family movies on Netflix and Amazon that we enjoy watching when having movie nights. If you need a little inspiration planning your next trip to London, check our list of Virtual Tours to London Attractions or read about our secrete Viking Places in London!